Top Online Poker Rooms

Playing poker online has become a rage all across the world. Players do not really want to make an effort of dressing up and commuting to a casino to enjoy a daunting game of poker. Players rather relax back at home and play poker line. Thanks to the internet revolution the legendary game of poker…Read More

Conduct in Poker Games

Playing poker is not only about the rules of the game and its strategies but also about the norms associated with the game, especially in the context of accepted behavior and conduct that is to be respected and followed at all times. In this article we shall discuss some behavioral conduct and procedures that are…Read More

Progressive Online Blackjack

There are many advantages to playing blackjack online opposed to in a land-based casino and one of the most unique of them all is the luxury to play for progressive jackpots. This is a significant benefit when considering that even the most skilled player may secure steady winnings over time, but rarely claim considerable single…Read More

Stud Poker Online

Stud has five rounds of betting instead of the four typically found in Holdem and Omaha. Also, you may find two betting variations depending on the predetermined limits you want to play. With the higher limit games, the first two rounds of betting are set at one amount and the limit doubles on the last…Read More

Taking Initiative in Texas Holdem

In Texas Hold’em, you say that a player has the initiative when all future betting revolves around him. You gain the initiative when you play aggressively in every betting round. When you have the initiative, you are perceived as the player with the strongest hand on the table. Taking the initiative is making the aggressive plays during…Read More