Community Card Poker Game Rules

Community Card Poker Game Rules

In some poker games, the dealer puts cards on the table known as community cards. These cards are dealt face up for all to see and can be used by players to make their hands. Because these cards are shared by all, they are known as “community cards.”

Community card poker is very popular. The best known poker game of all falls in this league: Texas Holdem. Community card poker rules may differ from game to game but they all involve the use of shared cards. Following are some variations.


This poker game are best played in homes rather than Community card poker casinos. Players are given five pocket cards each. One community card at a time is dealt, followed by a round of betting. In total, players have ten cards to choose from. Some versions require the use of only two – or no more than two – pocket cards for the final hand.


The poker rules here are almost the same as Texas and Omaha Holdem. But here the lowest-ranked community card is a wild card for all players. It can serve as any card one wants.


Manila is also known as “7 Up” because all cards lower than 7 (except aces) are removed. Thus it is a “stripped deck” (reduced cards) game. To begin, players receive two hole cards. One community card at a time is dealt followed by wagering Pros and Cons. This is done five times for a total of five shared cards and five wagering rounds. Showdown requires players to use two of their pocket cards and three of the shared cards to perfect their hands with. A full house beats a flush here, and an ace cannot be treated low to make a straight hand with 7-8-9-10.


This community card game has nine shared cards on the board, arranged in a 3 x 3 square. Every player has two starting cards. The nine community cards are dealt in any number of ways depending on the rules made. Players must use their pocket cards and any row in the square – vertical, horizontal or diagonal – to complete their hand Poker Strategy.

Crazy Pineapple

The rules for this oddly named game are almost exactly the same as Texas Holdem. Three hole cards are allotted to each player. After the flop, they must throw away one of these. Crazy Pineapple is typically played as a hi/low or split pot game.

These are examples of community card poker rules. See also the Texas Holdem and Omaha poker rules.

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