2018 belgian grand prix full race

"Of course I can understand that he [Alonso] is upset and frustrated. Last updated on 26 August 201826 August 2018.From the section Formula 1comments708. For Bottas to start from the back, then stop for a wing change and then finish a clear 4th all within 44 laps is quite frankly ridiculous. The NFL Show's Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora discuss whether the league is ready for its first gay active player. ", On team-mate Daniel Ricciardo leaving: "We always had equal material and still have, and we try to have the best result as a team. I think for him it helped, looking at the replay. Please do not post information about downloads in this thread. This year was better. We have to keep pushing to see what we can do. : "Congrats to Seb. Why does hamilton think there is trickery and cheating going on at ferrari?why cant he just say for once in his little life that ferrari and vettel were quicker and better than him on the day. Big win for Vettel and Ferrari who were in control from start to finish. Vettel briefly had to fight off an attack from Force India's Esteban Ocon, who started third and tried a look down the inside into the Les Combes chicane at the same time. Very well driven race from Vettel, and with Hamilton 2nd it really does liven up the championship still further. Fifth and sixth was a dream start for the sort-of new Force India team, which was rescued from administration over the summer break and is now owned by a consortium of businessmen led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, father of Williams driver Lance. So am I, and he has every right to be, but it is racing and these things unfortunately do happen.". More important is the Halo. Long read: BBC Sport looks at the stories of seven black sportswomen who were trailblazers of their time. Hamilton lost in a 1 on 1 bout, the good little wingman wasn't around this time. Once into the lead, it was clear Vettel had a small but decisive pace advantage over Hamilton and he edged clear, building a 3.9-second lead by lap 14, before the Mercedes began to close in slightly as the pit stops approached. "They have got a few trick things going on in the car. Analysis and opinion from the BBC's chief Formula 1 writer. The Italian Grand Prix at high-speed Monza next weekend, where judging from Hamilton's downbeat demeanour after the race on Sunday he believes Ferrari's straight-line speed will make them very difficult to beat again. When Hamilton checked out Vettel's car after the race and subsequently talked about tricks or trickery in the post-race interview, he was in fact looking for that secret James bond switch somewhere behind the steering wheel. Seems to be an ongoing trend anytime Hamilton doesn’t win its not down to others being quicker its down to them cheating “a few trick things” again he shows the type of sportsman he is. So how come whenever Seb makes a slight error Mr Benson brings it up time and again with his fancy charts yet this is now the second time in about 5 races where Seb's beaten Lewis in wheel-to-wheel racing and it's not even got a whimper of a mention from this pathetic reporter?

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