38 special vs 9mm vs 357

Personally, I am not worried about over-penetration from full wadcutters at close range and would take those in a heartbeat over other .38 Special bullet designs. That means for a majority of people out there, they’re only carrying between five and eight rounds in either .38 Special or 9mm. All other things being equal i.e. In competition use some are tying the gun up as the crimp isnt intended to handle revolver type intertia, the bullet is jumping the crimp. All excellent and truthful points. The .38 Special is probably the most common revolver cartridge in use today, and is certainly the most carried, frequently in pistols that will accommodate .357 Magnum rounds. Many people do not want such limited range. I’ll need to make up some dummy rounds consisting of fired brass and seated bullets, since I kinda don’t want to play around with live rounds. After consulting BBTI, I must respectfully disagree. to compare them in a Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson 642 puts the 9mm at a small disadvantage and the 38SPL at a huge disadvantage. Mark a cartridge, load the cylinder, shoot all but the marked cartridge, reload and leave the marked cartridge in place, and again shoot all but the marked cartridge. Revolver barrel length is measured as the distance from the muzzle to the opening of the forcing cone. The barrel is too short and they just don’t develop enough velocity out of short barrels to expand like that. But I know that the following submachine guns are available in 9mm for military use: In addition, with pistol-caliber carbines being all the rage among gun enthusiasts in the past couple of years, there are a lot of carbines chambered for the 9mm. Any revolver chambered for the .357 Magnum will safely chamber and shoot three different loads: Some people say it’s great for target shooting, but in my experience, cleaning a .357 Magnum revolver after firing boxes of .38 Specials in it can be a real pain. Accuracy of shooting is dependent more on the skill of the shooter than the cartridge or gun. Cool, you’re looking at performance in a lab without any medium to hit, and most BBTI tests are just done by chopping down metal pipe. Diffen.com. The .38 Special was introduced in 1898 as a military service cartridge because the .38 Long Colt had insufficient stopping power against the wooden shields of Moros during the Philippine-American War. DUAL-CALIBER REVOLVER VS. CONVERTIBLE SEMI-AUTO. J-frame for pocket carry No handgun of similar size be ideal for EDC. However, I respect all calibers’ potential to maim, incapacitate or even kill a bad guy when innocent people’s lives are threatened. And as such, demand for the .38 Special is on a steady decline. And if some old .38 short barreled five shooter is all a person’s got, well it beats the sharp stick all day long. Nothing wrong with carrying a .38 snubbie as a backup to a main gun. Two advantages that I see for the 9mm revolver are: 1) it generates higher velocity from a short barrel, and 2) bullets lighter than 125 grains are (somewhat) easier to locate. From 380 power up to light 357 – if you can stand it. So why not compare two guns, one chambered in each caliber, but being otherwise identical? 6″: 340-500 FP’s =/= 6″: 255-375 FP’s Another consideration for .38SP vs 9mm in a light revolver is bullet pull. That being said, 9mm vs .357 Sig is worth exploring, if for no other reason than to crush some ballistic myths. The two are so close that there’s no real advantage unless you own other guns in one cartridge or another, which makes it a battle of logistics, not ballistics. Incidentally, those BBTI tests were done with actual firearms for both tests, they’re listed and if you had bothered to look at the source material you would have known that. Hoiwever, the .38 Special is especially renowned for its accuracy. 20,000+ laws that make life a PITA for everyone. This is why I bought a Rock Island Armory M206 even when I already have a Taurus M689. Some people say it’s great for target shooting, but in my experience, cleaning a .357 Magnum revolver after firing boxes of .38 Specials in it can be a real pain. Standard pressure 9mm VASTLY outperforms .38 special in a handgun. 9mm rounds gain points there which can’t be denied. According to some surveys I conducted and ran here on TTAG a while ago while researching people with physical disabilities who carry, most people only carry what they can load into their gun.

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