6061 aluminum properties

General 6061 characteristics and uses: Excellent joining characteristics, good acceptance of applied coatings. ALUMINUM ALLOY 6061 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: 6061 is a precipitation hardening alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. It has good mechanical properties and exhibits good weldability. The T8 and T9 tempers offer better chipping characteristics over the T6 temper. Combines relatively high strength, good workability, and high resistance to corrosion; widely available. The second digit indicates the degree of impurity control for the base aluminum. 6061 aluminum physical properties are given in the following lists, including density, melting point, coefficient of thermal expansion, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity electrical conductivity, and electrical resistance. 6061 aluminum is more easily to be machined and form than 7075. 6061 has a lower hardness than 7075. – Mechanical Properties: 7075-T6 has nearly double tensile strength and roughly 1.5 times shear strength of 6061-T6. Originally called “Alloy 61S”, it was developed in 1935. T4 temper aluminum is naturally aged, and T6 temper aluminum is artificially aged for maximum strength. 6061 (AW-AlMg1SiCu) AlMg1SiCu (AGSUC) Aluminium pour usage alimentaire. Hautes caractéristiques mécaniques. Material Properties of 6061-T4 and 6061-T6 Aluminum Generally, 6061 aluminum is solution heat treated, then aged. Physical Properties of 6061 Aluminum 6061 is weldable and 7075 is generally considered not weldable. Soudable, anodisable. A member of the “6000” alloy series, it typically consists of 97.1% aluminium, 1% magnesium, 0.7% iron, 0.5% silicon, 0.3% copper, 0.2% chromium, 0.1% zinc, 0.05% manganese, and 0.05% titanium. It is the 6061 aluminum properties that make it one of the most widely used aluminum alloys, being applied in various fields since 1935. Utilisé en chaudronnerie, tuyauterie. Physical Properties of 6061 Aluminum Type 6061 aluminum is of the 6xxx aluminum alloys, which entails those mixtures which use magnesium and silicon as the primary alloying elements. L’ alliage d’aluminium 6061 ou alu 6061 est un alliage composé de plusieurs éléments : silicium (0.4-0.8%) fer (0.7%) cuivre (0.15-0.4%)

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