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I had just relocated back to ILM a month before and though I considered myself Ambrosia's #1 fan since I had first stumbled across their 2nd album "Somewhere I've Never Traveled" back in 1978, I never dreamed I would see them live! I could not believe my ears when I heard the advertisement on the radio that Ambrosia was coming to Wilmington, NC! All this was in addition to Sold Out concerts around the world. Taped Live From The Canyon Club In Thousand Oaks, CA, Ambrosia Performs "How Much I Feel." You owe it to yourself to see them if they are near. Loved it. I take the event process seriously while still having a good time. I have seen several great Ambrosia shows but this wasn't really. across my work or have heard of me and you’re taking the time to consider me to be part of your special day. P.S. Excellent concert. A lot more fun than I expected to be candid. Hope to see them soon! ”. Despite its progressive nature and occasional inaccessibility, Ambrosia’s debut sold remarkably well and earned a host of favourable reviews. “Oscar is a easy to work with, pays strong attention to detail and knowledgeable about culinary arts. For Booking Inquiries David Bishop/Solaris (850) 766-8384. This was the band whose albums I had kept, after discarding 1200 others years before. Thank you guys for coming back to tour. Whether you enjoy watching football or baseball or looking for a night out at a stage performance with a loved one, we have just the solution you’re looking for. I always make sure to meet all clients requirements and provide them with a stress free process. Premium seating arrangement allows you to get the best seat in the house. If you're wondering what to bring to a concert, we've got you covered. Subsequent touring alongside Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and the Doobie Brothers did wonders for the group’s live reputation, however the release later marked the departure of keyboardist Christopher North. The musicians are all ageing now yet the passion and devotion to their fanbase seems to energise them night after night to get onto stage and play the hits. I have never been able to see them live. -. Disclaimer Notice: This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ambrosia in any way. Though their current roster is impressive, I sorely missed the fabulous David Pack. Each member shows an expertise in his or her talent that seems to come comfortably and naturally but, with an enthusiasm that transcends into the audience's experience. Although the band first formed in 1970, had a reasonably lengthy hiatus, and reformed with a slightly different set up of band members, their sound is still fresh and exciting. I enjoy creating long lasting bonds with my clients. The introduced their intricate and finely arranged cover of The Beatle's 1966's Elenor Rigby which featured each member's vocals. To check out all upcoming Ambrosia events schedule in your area and to book Ambrosia tickets, please feel free to give us a call today at (866)4599233 or contact us directly. Be the first to know when they tour near Sacramento, CA, US, Join 49,324 fans getting concert alerts for this artist. However, having Joe Puerto singing his heart out and Burleigh and Christopher doing their magic, I had to let that one go and go along for the ride. To bad they only allowed Al Stewart to play two songs. I had come alone, wanting to experience this treasured concert without the distractions of anyone less familiar with Ambrosia's work. Plus, they promote future musicians. Ambrosia Tickets, Schedule & Tour Dates 2020. With decades of performances, Ambrosia has released five successful studio albums, including 1975’s self-titled Ambrosia, 1976’s Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled, 1978’s Life Beyond L.A., 1980’s One Eighty, 1982’s Road Island and 1987’s Anthology. Every single song they played during this beautiful night outdoors brought back a lot of great memories of times gone by, and proving that their music stand's the test of time as well. - life long fan, Laurie Starks Dowless. The audience was energized and sang along to the oldies.. An incredible band. Ambrosia Tour Dates 2021. Have your ever wanted to hear live music that sounded like the original recording? Fans dislike change, and the whispers surrounding the frequent changes of singer since David Pack’s departure vary in sincerity, but each time I’ve heard Ambrosia, they seem to have it right with their set up. Want to see Ambrosia in concert? They even raffled off a signed guitar! It was especially fun having Joe call them back on stage to jam a few extra songs, because they all appeared to be having as much fun on stage as we were out in the audience! Ambrosia Tickets, Schedule & Tour dates 2020, To see all cities check out our City Guide here, Northern Lights Theatre At Potawatomi Casino, Schedule of upcoming and announced Broadway shows, See what’s in previews, what’s premiering out of town, and what’s in development. You’ve come Overall, worth everything that Stacey invited the audience to get up and dance to “You’re The Only Woman” , right after “ Holding on to Yesterday”... Yea, you probably had to be there, should have been there.. Ambrosia opens for and provided back-up to Michael McDonald who was phenomenal. And then - to top it all off, the nicest people in the world. Kenley Ampitheater 7/8/17...what an awesome show Ambrosia performed...lovely venue and the band was tight and extremely personable...All the hits anyone would have hoped would be played were and a few surprises were thrown in...Joe Puerta, Burleigh Drummond and Christopher North were the long time band members with Kenneth Stacey (vocals and guitar) Mary Drummond (keyboards) and Douglas Jackson (guitar) helping round out the sound...the band even came out for autographs after the show...if anyone is wondering if you should see the band the answer is emphatically YES!!! Ambrosia Tickets 2020, Ambrosia Tour Dates 2020, Ambrosia Schedule 2020. My wife and I both agreed that Ambrosia was the best show we have seen at Epcot so far this year. The album earned Ambrosia their second Grammy nomination and spawned the popular radio singles “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled” and “Can’t Let A Woman”. Upcoming Ambrosia events in my area today, near my city tonight, this weekend, this summer. The lighting is always fantastic too, completing the performance value wonderfully. Come back to the Falls soon... sung their famous songs so audience was happy. the hits sounded great but lost amongst frequent prolonged solos. Hope to see them soon! We know planning an event – or even just a simple outing with friends – can sometimes get complicated. After some thinking I decided that creating extraordinary events was my ultimate dream, which is when Ambrosia Events became a reality. Spawning the hits “Holdin’ On To Yesterday” and “Nice, Nice, Very Nice”, the latter a musical composition set to Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s “Cat’s Cradle”, the album was subsequently nominated for the Grammy for Best Engineered Album. AMBROSIA & FRIENDS. The final singalong to 'How Much I Feel' is a great example as to why Ambrosia continue touring as the whole venue is united in song and appreciation for this veteran prog-rock outfit. Today, the band is more alive and compelling than ever. At Ambrosia Events, no task is too big or too small. Ambrosia (formed in 1971) is a hit-producing and eccentric progressive rock band, known for their seductive ballads and post-disco sound, hailing from Los Angeles, California, U.S. The ability to take my events to a different levels with his creativity. Tremendous concert! I would have loved to hear even more of those. Thank you for playing "Holding On To Yesterday" - It was phenomenal! Upcoming Ambrosia events in my area today, near my city tonight, this weekend, this summer. But these guys still got it , ALL of them ! ", The original members of Ambrosia were so down to earth and genuine, and still I felt 14, not 54. Ambrosia tour dates 2020 - 2021 Ambrosia is currently touring across 1 country and has 20 upcoming concerts. In 1997 Michael McDonald Was Featured On The Ambrosia Album, Anthology. guitar solos and drum solos that NEVRER ended. They are a lot more rock and roll than I expected. Ambrosia has been around since 1970. Our dedicated customer reps work round the clock to help you search upon Ambrosia events timings, Ambrosia event details, Ambrosia tickets, prices, payments, and seating. This meant relatively few Ambrosia songs were included and a lack of focus on their sound. I’ve been working with Ambrosia for the last 5 years and I could not see myself working with anyone else. I could go on and on about the amazing Ambrosia performance we were honored to be apart at the Boca Raton Resort Jazzid show last night but, I'll end this review by stating that I am still floating on a cloud from being there and enjoying every moment of it!! I love AMBROSIA and I hope you will, too! For much of the show, Ambrosia served as a backing band for other artists, who weren't that impressive. CONTACT & BOOKING. Find information on all of Ambrosia’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. For couples looking for full planning, we work with you right from the beginning of the process, All the best pre-wedding events and couples showers, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, fundraisers, etc…. Produced by the extolled Alan Parsons, the group subsequently appeared on Parsons’ project album “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” in 1976. I am really looking forward to seeing them again on Sunday, August 14, 2016 at Hoyt Farm Park on Long Island in Commack New York. With major-label backing Ambrosia issued their eponymously-titled debut album in February 1975. Ambrosia concert tickets are on sale. I loved the concert. Ambrosia Tickets and Concert Information. Find a show where Ambrosia isn't incorporating other artists into their set and it will probably be great. ALUMNI. Making the choice to engage an event planning specialist to be involved in your special day, can save you in more ways than one and not just from the hours of running around and hours of research. Presents. What a absolute treat to have the opportunity to spend a short but amazing two hours in the presence of these finely crafted musicians. There has not been any new material since 1987 as the band's lineup has altered quite regularly yet luckily the back catalogue is so strong that the setlist pretty much creates itself in a way. Plus technical problems and a lengthy break in the middle of the show were unfortunate. Later joined by Christopher North (keyboards) and Burleigh Drummond (drums). When we know this, then we can create an event strategy that is uniquely relevant for that client. Ambrosia mixes in their original classic numbers along with newer and cover pieces that keeps the audience thrilled and on the edge of their seats. Later securing three Grammy nominations, the album was toured internationally, notably with guitarist Cliff Woolley on the Japanese leg. Then Just A Ticket offers just what you need!. This has been one of favorite bands for a long time. One thing I would say, if you are able to see them in a smaller venue, definitely take the chance, the whole event seems very special and more relatable in this atmosphere. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. I was wrong, They were as fresh and alive as the first time I heard them. Ambrosia Tickets, Schedule & Tour Dates 2020. Despite losing a major band member/songwriter who departed in 2000, their core remains solid and they still perform all of their memorable music with impressive vocal harmonies and tight playing.

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