citi field dimensions vs yankee stadium

promo is really for kids, so make sure to bring a niece or your pal who By Andrew Frisicano Posted: Tuesday March 25 2014 Share Tweet. Most people will never sit in a luxury suite, or watch a game in one of the restaurants there. The extremely steep upper deck meant that everybody was on top of one another, so the building seemed louder than it really was. If you look at the 2015 World Series, for example, you’ll see that a small-market team in the Royals and the alleged cheap alternative to the Yankees forced fans to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Heck, my college field was 325 down the line and 410 to CF. It’s moments like these that are truly perfect. Also there is nothing inside Citi Field – or any stadium for that matter – better than a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich you can find on any street corner in any of the boroughs. Can Kyle Higashioka handle the Yankees backup catcher duties? citi vs. yankee Both have problems in centerfield: - Obstructed views at Yankee Stadium - Disappointing scoreboard at Citi While New Yankee Stadium is quite awesome (& predictably derivative) on the exterior , the interior is arguably bland. But which is the best -- Citi Field or Yankee Stadium? Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are two totally different ballparks, and here's my review of both. Other than wider concourses and bigger bathrooms, what does the average fan really have to enjoy that they couldn't enjoy at the old Stadium? Bats, they are sick. Yankee Stadium vs. Citi Field. Now look at the immediate drop in 2009 and 2010 after Citi Field opened. It looks and feels like almost every other new stadium, and there was nothing that I thought was spectacular about the place. You’re obviously not going to get playoff tickets for under $23 but this is America. Ballhawk at your own risk! These are just some quotes I found scavenging social media. On the other hand, getting to Yankee Stadium can be a hassle. The article then specifically gets into Wright: The Mets have since brought in the fences a bit, but there’s only so much you can change. CitiGroup was contractually obliged to pay the Mets $400 million over the next 20 years for the naming rights of the stadium. © 2020 Time Out America LLC and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. And no, you can’t get sunsets this great at any other stadium because no other stadiums have the Yankees. Citi Field also has enormous bannars of players such as Mike Piazza, Tom Seaver and Mookie Wilson on the left field exterior of the stadium. If there was a game that the Yankees simply had to win, many fans and players felt like Yankee Stadium would come alive and help the players win the game. Citi Field was built to resemble Ebbets Field, the former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers and was built in the Shea Stadium parking lot. Yankee Stadium vs. Citi Field. off-season, placing big bets on former Red Sox center fielder Jacoby The food might be more expensive, but I think it is better. But to the dedicated fans who have seen many of the other stadiums around the league, the most expensive stadiums in the league ones don't have the same charm as the ones that are home to some of the worst teams in the MLB. Find me one left-handed batter, or hitter who regularly goes Oppo Taco, who wouldn’t look at that legendary 314 ft mark and not salivate at the idea of hitting one right to those seats. Mr May knew the dimensions when he $igned that contract.[/QUOTE]. Today's Posts; Member List; Calendar; Forum; General Baseball; Ballparks, Stadiums & Green Diamonds; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I don't know since there has been only 1 series played so far, but the new Stadium is turning out to be the biggest dissapointment from a fans perspective since when the new Comiskey Park was built in the early 90's and I am a Yankee fan.

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