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Italian sculptor Michelangelo created David with his right hand larger than his left – because David was said to be “strong of hand” or “manu fortis”. It’s proper name Repubblica Italiana (Italian Republic), Nickname: “Bel Paese” which means beautiful country. The family is a strong institution in the country. Italy is also known for fine sports. Italy comes from a root word that means “land of young cattle”. Of course, many of the ancient structures are only partially intact. Italian scientist  Alessandro Volta created the first battery in 1800. Italy's last king ruled for just 36 days. Italian sons continue to live with their parents even in their thirties, usually until they marry. Italy lies in Southern Europe, a flight to Rome take roughly 2.5 hours from London/England, 8 hours from New York/USA. Italy was among the eight nations that founded the European Union and have received the designation of being a G8 country. Italians ate pasta as far back as the 4th century BC. 44. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. Just take a taxi to Florence to start a Renaissance Ring Trail that circles this city. 35. 15. The Roman Empire, named after the city where it began started in 27 BC, and ruled over much of Europe and parts of North Africa until 395 AD. While the country's birth rate is declining, the number of people living in Italy has increased thanks to immigration. Rome was founded in 753 BC. In. 22. 7Ginsborg, Paul. 03 Italy is a country in south-central Europe in a peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea. What you may not know is that the use of pasta in Italy dates back to ancient history. Italy is the world's largest wine producer. Nobody really knows where Italy got its name. 2. The use of forks eventually spread throughout the rest of Europe and then to the world at large. A Portrait of Italy. In-depth, easy-to-use guides filled with expert advice. [2] The official name of Italy is the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana). Italy is a fascinating place; a vacation in Italy can be packed with interesting things to do and see without every running out of activities or amazing sights. Christmas season is much longer, too: Christmas dinner is usually on Christmas Eve, and the season lasts until January 6th (until the Epiphany, or the date generally believed to have been when the three Wise Men found the manger of Jesus). Top image: The ruins of the Taormina amphitheatre and Mount Etna at sunset © Natalia Paklina/Shutterstock, Get your dream travel planned & booked by local travel experts. 7. 2. “Michelangelo’s David ‘May Crack.’” BBC NEWS. Italy had a royal family until 1946 when citizens voted to abolish the idea of a ruling monarchy in favour of a republic in the wake of the Second World War. The race between 17 Contrada or camps, takes place at the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo, and for the Sienese, it is a big part of their lives. Italy is among the world’s leaders of the fashion industry. In 2008, Italian experts proposed insulating Michelangelo’s David from the vibrations of tourist footsteps to prevent the marble from cracking. Everyone knows that pasta is a large part of Italian culture. The Italian soccer league is followed by many Italians abroad too: Inter, Milan, Roma, Napoli and Juventus are just some of the Italian soccer teams which are favored by Italians. The world’s longest land tunnel is the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, which proves a 22-mile railway link between. It has a lot of interesting places for people to see and plenty of history for people to indulge in. No other country in Europe has as many volcanoes as Italy. The currency is the Euro. The Arabs brought dried pasta to Italy in the thirteenth century (though fresh pasta was made before then). The EU has grown to include many countries since it was founded in 1993 and has certainly changed Europe in many ways. Italy … Leonardo da Vinci was Italian. If you take a look at a map, Italy is known for looking like a high-heeled boot. Boutique Packages for Individual Travellers, Please fill out the form and our team will send you a copy. 19. Historians have been able to place people using pasta dishes in Italy as far back as the 4th century BCE. The Main Italy Facts. 29. 1Blashfield, Jean F. Italy: Enchantment of the World. Italy is also known for its fast and furious car makers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Invented in 1612, Santorio's device was the first instrument that could show an exact temperature against a scale. No? The cuisine of Italy is one of the most recognizable aspects of the country so it seems appropriate that pasta has been in use for so long. The official language is Italian as well as German and in some regions in Northern Italy. The flag is vertically divided into three equal sections of green, white, and red, representing hope, faith, and charity. 1. 11. Thank you to request the PDF version of the tour. It brings in a significant amount of Catholics who are on religious pilgrimages on a yearly basis. With many Italians drinking their daily coffee ration out in local cafés, being a barista is big business. Another interpretation is that the green represents the Italian landscape, white represents the snow-capped Alps, and red represents the bloodshed that brought about the independence of Italy. 10Rebora, Giovanni. That’s one of the many reasons why it is worth going to Naples. Let us know some more interesting facts about Italy. Panforte (a hard and flat fruit cake) and almond pastries like amaretti. Explore what makes the "Eternal City" so immortal with our interesting Rome facts, including its early days as a republic, its tragic downfall, and beyond. Benito Mussolini may have been a Fascist, but he was responsible for promoting Italian soccer to the international stage. It was commonly eaten with honey and. Italy's highest mountain is Mont Blanc. 5"Galileo's Stolen Fingers Put on Display in Florence Museum Almost 400 Years After He Died." In Sardinia, you will find witches, or women who make healing potions for the locals and pass their knowledge to their daughters in secret tongues. kind regards. The explorer was born in Genoa in 1451. This earthquake occurred in Naples and took the life of an estimated 3,000 people. Here are a few facts of Italy for kids: Have you ever heard of this top fact about Italy for kids? The Ponte Vecchio Bridge over the River Arno in Florence was the only bridge left standing after the bombings of WWII. New York: Scholastic Inc, 2009. There is no evidence for this, Italy just started testing and looking for the virus earlier when other EU countries were in denial while still having high and unusual pneumonia case. The first violin appeared in Italy in the 1500s, probably from the workshop of Andrea Amati (1505-1578) in Cremona. Awesome Pictures! Italian soccer fans are called “tifosi” which may come from the same root as the illness “typhoid”. "An Italian Town Has a Miraculous Wine Fountain—and It’s Totally Free." You may not be aware, that when you travel to Italy, you may actually visit 3 countries in one go. A jewel of Europe, Norway offers a dazzling mix of history and natural wonder. Accessed: April 9, 2017. 10. 2. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) found in 2015 that 29.0% of the population went to church, synagogue, mosque, temple or another house of worship on a weekly basis. Some art historians argued that the restorers went too far in their cleaning efforts and removed the dark shadows Michelangelo intended. Kidding, but kinda true actually. Romeo and Juliet is set in the city of Verona (you can even visit "Juliet's balcony" for yourself), while Julius Caesar takes place in Rome. Italy is often called the Bel Paese, which mean beautiful country. It sold at auction for $333,000 (USD), a world record for a truffle. Rome is its capital and largest city. During WWII, the Nazi’s used it as a watch tower. Its citizens are called the Sammarinese. Hi Angela, The country is also one of the world's largest exporters of wine, with the majority going to Germany, the US and the UK. The Vatican is the smallest country in the world but it has its own system of government and autonomy. Rome its capital city was founded in 753BC. Alessandro Volta, was the pioneer who studied in electricity, hence the name “Volt” describing a unit of electricity. Feel free to call us , or fill out the form on the contact us page to request information or an appointment. The official name of Italy is Italian Republic. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built in 1173 and began to lean soon after, probably due to a poorly laid foundation.

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