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divorce is his only way out. Chen Ting dropped a bombshell. Instead, he is all alone and reduced to stalking and peeping at how happy the fathers at the return of Ling Xiao. He is in her heart forever but he must nurture this relationship with her and she with him. Seriously, leave kind-hearted Haichao alone. Du Juan said that Jian Jian tolerated Zhou Miao because he was Du Juan’s company. Haichao told him about LingXiao and Jian Jian. But Ling Xiao and Ziqui were not giving up. They are making her to be some sort of a martyr for abandoning Ziqui. huhuhu. Jian Jian had to agree but will not completely give up because she convinced Ziqui that they should spy on Heimei and Haichao the next day. Wei Long was really giving his all in this drama and you can see and feel it. Xixi said that it would be cruel if something gets in the way on the relationship between the two. Tang Can said that she should just treat them as relatives as distant relatives. She then remembered the time he took her to the dentist. Tang Can has a massive crush on Zhuang Bei but he fell in love at first sight with Mingyue upon seeing her at the party. She told him to wait for next year when she could sell her flat in Singapore and buy him a flat. Everyone was happy to see each other. They are really brother and sister. Heichao knew that among the children Ziqui was the most helpful. Later, he decides to live with Li Hai Chao’s family and creates a strange family consisting of two fathers, two brothers and one daughter. Tang Can was really feeling sorry for herself. She did the housework, she works, she did childcare and everything else. Ling Xiao said that you become a little superstitious as you grow older. He never complains about his life, nor does he like the sympathy and pity of others. The doctor gave the prescription to Ling Xiao and sent him out. Again the hotpot brought out their sense of wellbeing. He really made Ling Xiao looks lonely and a little needy. And he promised he won’t ever again. Ziqui always felt a sense of abandonment because Heimei abandoned him when young and not showed up for 20 years because she thought she was doing him a favour for not involving him in her rather murky past. Boring He Lan and He Meil had a tete a tete. Heimei said that her ex was a real nasty piece of work but he could give a better future to Ziqui and they had to think of Ziqui first; what is good for him. But the die is cast. Hepang called Haichao and informed him of the dastardly situation concerning Jian Jian. She did not die but she almost drowned and had a lung infection. After an awkward catching up, Jian Jian decided that it was just too excruciating to be in the middle of Ziqui and Ling Xiao, who were scoring points against each other. And he made such a  gorgeous dentist as well. Ling Xiao said that he will go down on his knees with a ring. document.write(' '); Global Granary Copyright © 2020 Powered by Wordpress. SERIOUSLY. Mingyue’s mom seemed to have transferred her overly nurturing motherly love to the nervous Tang Can and Jian Jian. When she spoke to her father, he said not to do as they don’t have the money really. She sleepily whispered to him not to leave her. Ling Xiao’s grandma was in a bad way. And Lin Xiao had a gap year from school to care full time for his mother and sister. Haichao admitted that the woman was indeed Heimei’s friend and it was all Heimei’s idea. This is an OMG episode. Now, his soulmate is leaving him and he can’t do anything about it. I would rather see Haichao and Heping retiring and doing a lads’ holiday. Nooooo. Genre: Youth, Modern, Family; Release Date: 10 August 2020; Origin: China; Cdrama: 40 Episodes . The child Ziqui made me cry. Ling Xiao came home one day to see his sister being so bothered. His mother said that it was his decision but how could he marry when neighter has a house nor even a car. She had just accepted that she may not get lead roles but being a stand-in was just too much for her to take. Her mother wanted her to put her name on. Jian Jian was a little upset but Ziqui took control and told Jian Jian that they should go home as they were not welcome there. Now I sort of understood why the women made to appear deviant and rather horrible at first. Bitches… LOL. They unwittingly bowed at each other three times which symbolizes childhood betrothal. Ziqui was so shocked and told her that she has got a sewer mouth and if he hears her saying things like that again, he would smack her face. And now that they are getting older, he just wanted to leave a ‘monster’ he created. She wanted him to make a wish but he said he never make birthday wishes because he does not believe in miracles. Ziqui said then they will eat at the same table and sleep in the same bed just like when they were children. Ziqui said that he was so sad and worried about Jian Jian. Jian Jian was telling Mingyue and Tang Can about her feelings about her brothers. Ling Xiao was suddenly becoming emotional and told Jian Jian, “If you have mercy on me, just go ahead till the end. Ziqui was given by his bio-dad a million RBM which Ziqui wanted to return but his bio-dad to keep it as he deserves it. It looks like Tang Can might become a friend to Jian Jian and Mingyue. He continued that she is beautiful, intelligent, and kind so there is no need not to believe in herself. She was daubbed a husband grabber. For some reason, Du Juan’s boyfriend Zhou Miao, was taking the plagiarism personally and had the gall to tell off Jian Jian about being so calm with the trouble she landed the company in. Mingyue immediately said that it would not be with Ling Xiao because he was in love with someone else already. Jian Jian might not have realised it but even at a very young age, Ling Xiao knew that Jian Jian was the one, his soulmate. She reasoned that Cheng Tin will never allow marriage between Jian Jian and her brother. Ling Xiao’s family became a topic of conversation in the neighbourhood because his mom and dad are screaming and shouting at each other every day. Ziqui said he will work really hard and won’t stop until he gets permission from Haichao and agreement to marry from Jian Jian. Meanwhile, Heimei, Ziqui’s mother, called Haichao (Jian Jian’s father) begging him to lend her cash, and could he also look after Ziqui. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ziqui is constantly worrying about Jian Jian and her being too young to have a boyfriend. She apparently tried to like Jian Jian but she just couldn’t do it. He protects those that he loves dearly. I must say I saw a lot of behind the scenes in youtube and I have to say that the young director was so good. Ling Xiao saw how upset she was and very disturbed by her fight with Tang Can that she reckoned she would not be able to sleep. In her heart’s family register, Haichao is their father, her dead mother was their mother, her older son was Ziqui and she was oldest daughter. Jian Jian and Du Juan’s studio is becoming popular. Meanwhile, Cheng Tin is not giving up easily in trying to control Ling Xiao. What is this special school? “When I was in my senior year in high school, I told you I would marry you in the future. He remembered the time when he almost lost her. Anyway, the story is that Ling Xiao’s family had just moved to Jian Jian’s neighbourhood. The father said that he could not take any more of the controlling habit of his wife and felt suffocated and, therefore, to get out, i.e. She said that she foresees a next boyfriend for Du Juan coming from the garden rather than the garbage truck. But let’s leave this boring bit and go to the most romantic and cutest confession of love. Why make a perfectly interesting drama by adding a boring token romance for Haichao? Meanwhile, Zhuang Bei realised that he was really attracted to Tang Can but she said she was over him. He is getting old. LOL. She told him that she wishes that he becomes a dentist so she would not be scared of them. He started going but he got concerned when he noticed that young Jian Jian was not following him as she always does in the end. Jian Jian came to the rescue and fought the other children. Mingyue pleaded with Ziqui to give up the apartment because the guy who originally rented it was her crush for many years. The boys left with so much sadness. Ling Xiao said that he got burnt. This gave Ziqui the confidence to broach the subject of becoming closer still by being her boyfriend. Ziqui did not notice it though, he was too elated that his sister knocked on his door. A foreigner wanted to do business. Huaguang told him that Hei Mei was pestering him for money to give to Ziqui.

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