how to teach numbers 1 to 10

Songs are also great – anything like “Ten Green Bottles” or “Three Blind Mice” – as they’re much more memorable. (You’ll need 78 in total to play this number activity.) Kids must practice numbers and counting a lot before they can use them confidently and fluently. And she’ll have an easier time remembering that long sequence of numbers if you set it to a simple tune and practice it together. Count items around the house Gather up items around your house such as buttons, pencils, paper clips, etc. As the teacher calls out a number, students should check their line of cards to see where that number is. If a student doesn’t have the next number card, he/she must lie! For kids this can be quite challenging, especially if English is not their first language. It is a fast-paced and exciting bingo / matching game. Using Saw Palmetto on Women: Benefits and Side Effects. For example, the first student should place the number one card face down in the middle and say “one”. Sit the students down so they are facing you. How Soon Could You Conceive After Having a Baby? When it’s their turn, students have the choice to say one number, two numbers, or three numbers. Then, tell the students that when the teacher says ‘Go!’, one student from the class must stand up and say the first number (one). Then ask students to make a circle. Learn with Lizzy the Dog: Health Information for Pregnant Women, Babies and Kids. In this game students will be asked ‘How many (puppies)?’ and then they will see two possible answers. This fun counting game will help students practice numbers while testing their concentration. How much do kids love playing with other kids? If you have a large class, then an alternative way to play this game is to divide the class into teams. The game continues like this until one student says the last number (31) and is out. Write the numbers one through 12 in the bottom of paper cupcake liners, then help your child count out the right number of small crackers or cereal pieces into each. To make a numbers crossword puzzle, simply type in your words and clues into this crossword maker. This is one of the best ways of bringing interactivity to the learning process and ensuring that your child has a blast while developing important knowledge. Then ask students to arrange their cards in a horizontal line in any order they choose. It’s a case of encouraging them to associate number with the things they see and do every day, while at the same time making the process as fun as possible. Point out Numbers in Neighborhood. When singing nursery rhymes and kiddy songs that involve numbers, use your fingers as visual references. Check the cute number song for you baby that he/she is definitely gonna like: Simply keep an eye out for all the numbers that exist in and around your neighborhood, making sure to bring them to the attention of your child. Then students will take turns in sliding the ‘zinger’ to reveal a number card. If the number is on the left end or the right end of the line, then the student can turn that card over. © 2020 Everyday Health, Inc. Find advice, support, and good company (and some stuff just for fun). It’s a tricky one to nail, but if there’s one set of numbers you can get your child to remember, make it your phone number in case they every get lost. For this game, you need a lot of space, so if possible play this game outside. Here are 10 effective ways to teach them to your students! They must choose ONE and write it down. The following video shows a fun way to introduce numbers to your baby. Another way to play this game is to give each student a dice. After I checked their work, they could erase the number and I wrote a new number on their board. The number you choose will depend on your class size and how difficult you want the game to be. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. Students will take turns counting until they reach 31. Little ones love nursery rhymes, so introduce yours to some that involve numbers and counting. Next, ask your child to draw anything they can think of in the quantity specified, so on the page where you write the number three, they can draw 3X times anything they like. The next time you host a playdate, let your tot try being “It” in a game of hide-and-seek. Teaching your kids numbers is easy. Teach numbers vocab 1-10 Depending on the age of your class you can teach the numbers over a series of lessons. Line Bingo – To play line bingo, you need to prepare some number cards for the students. Creating a book of their own will give them ownership of something that they can “read” again and again to help them learn their numbers. A few favorites: “Five Little Ducks,” “Five Little Monkeys,” and “Hickory Dickory Dock.” Because you’re holding up your fingers to represent the characters in the rhyme, your child gets a good sense that “five” is less than “ten.” And the repetition in the song expands your little one’s math vocabulary by letting her hear numerical terms again and again. Use some familiar objects to teach the numbers (e.g. Students will take turns and MUST put down the cards in numerical order. in our You could for example show your child three bananas, and then take one away to become two. A little further down the line, you can ask them to pass you two items, put away one toy and so on and so forth to test their progress. Or for something quieter, try a round of HiHo! Cherry-O, the classic board game that has kids counting cherries, blueberries and apples into baskets. Invest in a chalkboard or maybe just a set of washable pavement chalks and you have all you need for a brilliant number game. Alternatively, make a bigger bingo grid of 12 (3×4) squares or 16 (4×4) squares to make the game more challenging. Try singing your digits to a toddler-friendly song, like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”: “355-8461, 8461, 8461, 355-8461, that is my phone num-ber.” Write it down as well so she can see what it looks like. Any student can stand up at any time they want. 2. An incredibly effective way to teach English numbers is through playing games. Try making into a song, a rhyme or a limerick. If the student doesn’t have the number 3 card, then he/she must put down a different card while saying “three”. A good number for this is 31, but you can use any number. If a student accuses another student of being a liar, but they did not lie, then the student who shouted “Liar!” must pick up all the cards in the middle. That way each student will have a very different monster. By doing so, your child will see that nine green bottle for example are less than ten. Just the simplest of statements –“One tree, two cats” and so on, can make them realize that numbers are associated with real life object or pictures. Two shoes, one dog, three apples and so on and so forth – it will take a whole to get the message across, but using this kind of visual reference is the key to communicating the meaning of the numbers, rather than just the sounds. To start, choose a number that you are going to count to. To make your own word searches, simply type in the number words you want to practice into this word search maker. reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts. Then, the teacher will call out a number and if that number is on the students’ bingo sheet, then they should cross it out. Then, the next student may decide to say three numbers and say ” three, four, five”. To play,  each student will have a different ‘zingo card’ . Then, the next student must place the number 2 card in the middle and say “two”. ThinkFun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game for Age 4 and Up – Award winner and Toy of the Year Nominee. Then for each body part, role the dice (or ask a student to role the dice) and write that number next to the body part word. All the materials that come with the Zingo game are durable and can re-used. Or better still, bind a series of pages together and on each page write a number. Or you could of course just encourage them to count as they build. Number Books Have students create their own number books. This game is great to practice basic numbers and body parts at the same time.

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