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Injury Update: Disney’s Princess Half and Dopey 2018! Thank you. What you absolutely love about running or your favorite fitness activity. Readers can also check out Elle’s online fitness classes, race appearances, and more. It’s very helpful. As the name suggests, Breaking Muscle is a blog second to none because of its versatility. You will also find a series of interesting podcasts on the blog. Won’t do one, no way, no day. Overambitious plans are the greatest enemy of fitness progress. Money can indeed buy you tons of stuff, “love” included. Thanks for it. Have a joyful day! It could be momentary or it could last a while, but we’re not here to sit in discomfort and wait. An engineer who loves design in any form. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Hey, great article. How to properly warm-up before a workout. 2020 WDW Goofy Challenge Mile Marker Videos! Beachbody’s Barre Blend is NOW AVAILABLE! The app has diversified the routes to attain your fitness goals. And if you enjoy chatting about writing, life planning, journaling and books, hop over to Laura’s author blog for a visit. Formulas, Breaks, and Other Mental Battles. I realized something in your blog. The blog has a segment called “fit mommy.” A platform where you can comfortably share your fitness goals as well as the challenges you are experiencing in trying to achieve your goal. These are great ideas for blog posts. Write a monthly or quarterly post about your blogging or fitness adventure: what you’ve learned, mistakes you’ve made. Not only will you read about Pilates, but the goal of the blog is to help readers find balance in their lives by fitting in exercise, rather than trying to achieve perfection. Yearly wrap ups: share you accomplishments, bling, and goals for the new year. Bloating can be rough. Stress-reduction techniques are also discussed to further reinforce the importance of the mind-body connection. With the new WordPress 5.0. update appeared the new WordPress block editor named Gutenberg. He provides the most advanced, scientifically proven methods. Pinning for those days when I just can’t come up with anything to write about!! While you have the option of signing up for a membership with exclusive Pilates videos with the program’s founder, Robin, you can also find a lot of free tips on her blog. How to set up a home gym without breaking the bank. According to recent research, “gamifying” exercise can improve motivation and make fitness more effective at all levels. ], Nutritional tips for your first [5k, 10k, half, full, multi-race challenge, etc. You may also like: How To Make Money Blogging. BE TRUE TO YOU and do what’s best for your body – this is the primary motto of the blog. Like many working women, you may struggle with finding time to exercise and seeing results that will make you want to stick with your workout program. If you’re an aspiring fitness professional yourself, Elle has a section of her blog dedicated to business and blogging advice. All rights reserved. You may also like: Editors’ Pick – 10 Best Beauty Blogs. From now on, it will be the default WordPress text editor. Nope. How To Write an About Me Page (with Examples), The new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). How to take the Dread out of Dreadmill, aka, the Treadmill. There are tons of blogs out there that advise on fitness. After doing intense exercise, some people feel the urge to take a nap. Race recaps or a photo tour of your favorite running trail. As a bonus, you’ll also find Nicole’s tips for eating healthy to complement your new fitness routine, including a whole section dedicated to recipes with special dietary considerations. Kasey (Arena) Brown, the founder, was voted as one of the top ten inspiring Healthy living bloggers by Self magazine. I will surely focus on these ideas from now on. The blog publishes quality content about fitness and healthy living backed up by scientific facts. You may also like: The Best Male Blogs ever. If you’re looking to mix up your current exercise routine, you can check out Get Healthy U’s fitness section for new workout tips. The blog is packed with real-life transformation stories that will equip you with the necessary tips for wellness. However, these situations should not limit you from achieving your fitness goal. Your Ghosts of Fitness Past; things that have thrown you off course to reaching your goals and how you got past them. The blog features comprehensive information relating to specialized exercises and tips for improving technique and function. Gift ideas for Runners. Widgets in Wordpress have been designed so that the user without any special knowledge and coding skills could easily control and change the structure of the WordPress theme. Next post: Injury Update: Disney’s Princess Half and Dopey 2018! Also, these blogs are very resourceful in bringing out the best version of you in regards to health and fitness. Therefore your productivity is highly contributed by your well-organized and “fit” mind. Thursday Throw Down: Share a product, workout, apparel or what have you that has NOT been working out and you wouldn’t recommend! Is It Normal to Take a Nap After a Workout. Especially when you are tight on budget or you are ever engaged at work and dieting drains out every ounce of energy you have. Off Topic Tuesday: Write about your all-time favorite movie, musical, pizza topping or what have you. ], Weird fitness gadgets you’ve tried. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to reading more of your post. And seeing as how the Tuesdays on the Run Blog Link up hosted by My No Guilt Life, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs is full of bloggers, I’m linking up with them as well. American Council of Exercise blog contains reliable expert-level articles that source their content from scientifically proven data to back up their claims. Therefore, It commands the audience of fitness consumers and professionals. Written by the Healthline Editorial Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Say Goodbye to Bloating with This Genius 5-Minute Workout, I Challenged Myself to 30 Days of Weighted Squats... Here’s What Happened, Everything Body Fat Distribution Tells You About You, Turning Exercise Into a Game Can Make Fitness More Fun and Effective, Feel the Burn with Strength-Building Shoulder Shrugs, Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, 7 Reasons Why I Lift Heavy (And You Should Too), 3 Quick Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels, 15 Butt Exercises That Don’t Require Weights. After that, pour another cup and check out Jackey’s new Buffalo Girl Runner blog! I’d love to see a list of post ideas on your blog! How you stay organized … or How you’d like to stay organized. Returning to fitness after a surgery, injury, running slumps, etc. To keep one’s head above water, a fitness buddy is a prerequisite, and that is why Jessie Kneeland decided to stand in the gap and encourage newbies as they start the journey. You have to adhere to it to reap its benefits meticulously. It is always wise to start with the baby steps first. Fitness myths that simply are or aren’t true. Sure, they’ll teach you how to work out without a gym and how to prepare a basic meal, but they also focus on helping you fix your own mindset, develop positive habits, and really change your life one step at a time. The blog contains inspirational quotes and motivational statements that will keep you going on the fitness journey, despite the hard demands that come along with healthy living and maintaining fitness. There’s even a whole guide dedicated to beginners if you’re new to exercising and not quite sure where to start. Here, you can learn more about plyometrics, kettlebell swings, proper bootcamp-style workouts, muscle recovery, and more. Here, readers can learn how to modify exercises while pregnant and also learn specific stretches to make you look and feel better. Thank u so much for this article. Dr. John Rusin is known for his pain-free strength training routines that have been used by exercise scientists, fitness trainers, and physical therapists alike. You’re welcome, Tina. Your body is enough. Monday Motivation: Gather inspiration quotes, images, or personal stories. Steve has made the sky the limit to his passion for fitness by going the extra mile of coding an application tagged Nerd Fitness Coaching app. Fitness routines for those on a time crunch. In fact, you don’t need weights to work your backside at all! In between your workout perusal, make sure you check out the multiple posts about form, training, and recovery. Hope that’s not too forward. Share your summer, autumn, winter, or spring bucket list. Getting to that global status is undoubtedly hard work and unbeatable quality blogs that are backed up with scientifically proven facts. Motivational books that have inspired you. Thanks. It is most popular blog site that is run by one of the largest fitness brands known in the market today. Your weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goals. I am happy to know these and got some ideas from this blog. As a strength training professional and nutritional therapist, Steph Gaudreau brings together these two areas of expertise and shares important information on her blog for those looking to get stronger — both physically and mentally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that pregnant women do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises per week. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of blog topics for running or fitness bloggers as inspiration. I got a lot of info and details from here. Well, there are two sides to this scenario. Nice Article. Workout demands real commitment. Here you will find articles on proper diet and nutrition (see: best food blogs), overweight and obesity, the healthcare system and much more. Really happy to hear. Designed for fitness consumers and professionals, Breaking Muscle is a leading publisher of timely, quality information about all things fitness and nutrition. The best fitness advice you’ve ever received … and whether or not you listened. Write a blog post about blog post ideas. Very interesting, thank you for sharing this article with us. Don’t forget the stocking stuffers! If you have any questions, check out my article How to start a blog. In 2007, Lisa wanted to get back to shape after delivering her second born. How to properly cool down after a workout. The rising-rate at which diseases caused by poor choices we make right from what we eat to how we sleep is at least frightening. It requires one to be persistent and optimistic. This really helps. How to stay mentally motivated during a long run. While the blog is primarily geared toward women, anyone can benefit from Steph’s candid posts, many of which stem from personal experience with achieving a healthier lifestyle. Copyright 2016 – Joyful Miles, Designed by Laura Bowers with Thesis. Robertson Training Systems is a professional training blog written by founder Mike Robertson. Your dream location to go for a run or your dream race. From graphic designs to interior design and architecture. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Thank you for stopping by. Nice Article…Very interesting to read this article. Here’s what you need to know. You may also like: Sports Blogs That Will Inspire and Motivate. You’re very welcome, Rich. Therefore, Tony Gentilcore’s personal blog is designed to keep you positive and highly motivated in your journey to attain your wellness goals. (Shake Weight, anyone?). Your disastrous running costumes or race outfits. 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