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Every chorus, has been prolonged, Brothers and sisters and vent my violence Count back from ten, until I land, If I could choose one instrument to take to a desert island, it would be an upright piano (it would be great if it could miraculously stay kind of in tune). Qualities I thought I had myself,  but once you meet someone who is really that which you believe yourself to be, it’s humbling and inspiring at the same time. Throughout, there’s an ethereal quality that shimmers beneath Big Dreaming Ants. In 2019,For the very first time, Ghana celebrated the World Folklore Day in a memorable fashion by marking it with a three day programme. Amongst these comes the seeking a higher understanding - religious or no - and Big Dreaming Ants is Adjoa looking down upon this crazy world of ours through her own eyes in a continued sonic exploration with a subtle jazz inflection of letting the song speak for itself. Back in 2019 when I was recording this album, it was a 10-minute bike ride from my house, so it sort of became my second home. Lend me your ears A driven flurry comes from “She’s Stronger”, where Adjoa pays homage to a friend who’s “a version of yourself you want to be”. You know you don't feel, feel it at all The dissonant sounds that caterwaul around the space resemble the same feeling as being in that mixture of love and loss when that person you’ve come to adore isn't around. I'm not going to throw stones These benefits to the girl child are what every country needs in its economical and developmental growth. Uncategorized Approved: Nana Adjoa By Andy Malt | Published on Thursday 24 September 2020. National Song 2. Wherever you are My lonesome solution She is a big sponge, soaking up, the blood we spilled Research has shown that over 130 million girls are out of school worldwide, one in three girls is married in the developing world before reaching their 18th birthday. I want to change my attitude (I want to change) This week sees the release of Nana Adjoa eagerly awaited debut album ‘Big Dreaming Ants’. A diamond to the bare bone Your cardboard castle is coming down. She gave me a kiss I remember laying in a hammock in the backyard of the house I grew up in, listening to the album ‘Grace’ over and over again on my mp3 USB player. I want to change the way it looks Inside, of your eyes, she sees your tears You know what I mean How could you tell? When you're on and when you talk, you leave no room. how much, You know the words (words) All of these women in their own right have inspired me, because they were more forgiving in a relationship, more adventurous or more independent. She’s stronger than you Every song, has been rewritten Somewhere around the age of 15/16 probably. [9][10], Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre, "National Folklore Board launches 'Know Your Folklore' campaign", "Ministry sets-up Creative Arts Mediation Committee", "National Folklore Board to set up folklore clubs in all schools nationwide – Acting Director", "Tourism Ministry Sets Up Creative Arts Mediation Committee", "Creating an Enabling Environment for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (CH) In Ghana", "Folklore Board to sue producers of Black Panther movie over use of kente", "Ghana promotes unique history, culture on World Folklore Day",, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology alumni, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology, Lawyer, Acting Director of the Nation Folklore Board, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 03:39. And I have learned to pretend, that I know how it feels to be free. © 2020 KCRW All Rights Reserved. some 30 solo nights Just mono output hours, minutes, by the ton [3] She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Gender, Peace and Security at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre, Accra. I want to change direction (I want to change) Can't wait to share my rendition of Ebo Taylor's Love and De… Your cardboard castle is all worn out, Your cardboard castle. Over the years there has been some improvement in the empowerment of the girl child in terms of education but more of this needs be done. Walk hand in hand It’s why she gets away with bold songs about national identity and protesting authority. Better at holding on, and letting go A dreamy offering from the Houston up-and-comers. I want to change the way I feel I think my favourite song(s) of this record have changed over time. Big Dreaming Ants, released 24 September 2020 1. Through the phone held hostage in your hand Better at holding on, and letting go By You know the melody, and you ride it along She’s stronger than you. White, silver stripes, Blue dot, black star. Raphael SaadiqPerfume Genius YunaNorah JonesJensen McRaePeter CottonTaleRufus WainwrightRocky DawuniLianne La HavasBlake MillsLaura MarlingAloe BlaccDevon GilfillianJonathan WilsonJuana Molina, Musicians: Nana Adjoa - Vocals & GuitarDaniel Van Loenen - Keys, backing vocalsNard Koeman - BassTim Schakel - Guitar & Sampler, backing vocalsMats Voshol  - Drums, backing vocals, Tim Schakel - Guitar & Sampler, backing vocals, In Residence: Fabiano Do Nascimento performs classically inspired work and shares a brand new composition, Hanif Abdurraqib talks mixtapes at On Air Fest 2020, In Residence: Raphael Saadiq performs uplifting anthem: ‘Keep on Marchin’, Emma Donovan & The Putbacks: ‘Don't Give Up On Me’, Morning Becomes Eclectic's playlist, October 23, 2020. To me it was really a pivotal moment. There’s no doubt that the road Dutch-Ghanian songwriter Nana Adjoa has been travelling to this point has been building to the task of constructing a full-length album. It’s like reliving a memory of the first couple of, times I heard it, and I think in the back of my mind I’m afraid it will lose that. Both written and recorded in her very own studio, Nana’s first full length record is a personal account of the new generation’s experiences of race, gender and politics. on my phone, I'm allowed. intensity if I listen to it too much. After that moment, it happened with other music and records too— this feeling of newfound truth or understanding, but I guess it’s that first time you have that feeling that it sticks the most. Both written and recorded in her very own studio, Nana’s first full length record is a personal account of the new generation’s experiences of race, gender and politics. You know your opinion, and you know how to sell it White lie paint, Stronger than you In her In Residence Session, recorded exclusively for KCRW, she delivers an energetic set, capped with a cover of Wilco’s “Love Is Everywhere (Beware).” Nana Adjoa The improvement in girls’ education in Ghana emanates from the steps taken by governmental, NGOs, and donor agencies working together to educate and empower girls, I believe the steps have been in the right direction. But you don't know the value of the cards you've been dealt Try not to see red, A torn up, rule book, that is who she is New music this Friday! Army of drones, homeward bound. Nana Adjoa Denkyi is passionate about mentoring and educating young ladies to become leaders of change. Is just the same Beautiful work. A dreamy offering from the Houston up-and-comers. Especially during this difficult time. Just mono output Used to be more the dreamy tracks like 'Mojo Pin', 'Grace' and 'Dream Brother'. It was the kiss of death It’s not just one story, but encountering different women who made me realize that I’m not quite yet the person I would like to be. Before you contact us please be sure to check our frequently asked questions as our most common questions are answered there already, such as: View your order, change your address & resend your order confirmation, Posted on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at 15:00. Shepherds turn into sheep, somehow. I have that with some other records too, haha. Because it still, has this intense effect on me. When she thinks of me, I also play keys, drums and guitar. no (no) and you want the same (I want to change) Limited edition 12" vinyl of Nana Adjoa's debut, Big Dreaming Ants >>PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PREORDER. I'm colonized, I know the hive, I am that bee. You know the drill, drilled to belong In her In Residence Session, recorded exclusively for KCRW, she delivers an energetic set, capped with a cover of Wilco’s “Love Is Everywhere (Beware).” Your battle sound. There ain't no room left in my mind. [5] She is a member of Heritage Fund Committee. no It took at least three women like this, that were kind of similar but better versions of myself, for me to realise that point, and for it to become a song. Behind the multi-instrumentalist’s bold approach to songwriting is an unflinching sense of curiosity and an openness to endless possibility. The thing that scares me most. And once that finally started to dawn on me, it translated into a song. There is no room, left to fantasize, How long is a month? After exploring her musical abilities noodling on bass in bands during her formative years, she then undertook a jazz program in Amsterdam. You're also a multiinstrumentalist... tell us which instruments you play.... if you could only take one instrument to a desert island, which one would it be? Made in L.A. Streaming music, news & culture from KCRW Santa Monica, Live streaming music, news & culture from KCRW Santa Monica. It just moved me like nothing had ever before. She currently works with an NGO in Accra which promotes girls‘ education and empowerment. © 2020 Gigantic Tickets Limited. If you like Nana Adjoa, you may also like: supported by 18 fans who also own “Big Dreaming Ants”, supported by 17 fans who also own “Big Dreaming Ants”, Beautiful work. The Gold Flake Paint bloggers unearth the best need-to-know indie bands. On our wedding day Was it the bottled-up smell? Flowerchild Genevieve, supported by 11 fans who also own “Big Dreaming Ants”, "7" is a great album with strong percussion and vocals, tight production and solid songwriting, really great music that's catchy, accessible, and all around awesome... rikm, The Human Noise We Sat There Makingby GoldFlakePaint, The Gold Flake Paint bloggers unearth the best need-to-know indie bands. Out of touch I imagine my way out, of this cubicle life This week sees the release of Nana Adjoa eagerly awaited debut album ‘ … While “In Lesser Light”, a gossamer lament for love, finds the space becoming epic. this waiting game, waiting on you How heavy her heart, Solid production, strong lyrics, real soul, great music. Weight can be given to the bellowing strikes of piano to create an overarching sense of doom (“Cardboard Castle”), and even the sparsity found in trying to comprehend just who you are is resonated around the delightfully spacious (“I Want To Change”). Still wet, Love and death Nana Adjoa is a lawyer by profession,[4] expertise is in the areas of commercial litigation, corporate governance and intellectual property.She is the Founding Director of The Social Bridge, an NGO which seeks to empower women and children living on the streets through education and as well as projects to improve their livelihood. Ultimately, Big Dreaming Ants is a culmination of not only a life lived, but a life understood. Tone and meaning are a personal unveiling - not bad given its Adjoa's first love song. Leaves nothing to choose And the joy, the joysticks, Love and death It’s why she gets away with bold songs about national identity and protesting authority. Can you see her, at large That, and the songs are very good. Soothing guitar tones and perfect indie pop melodies with atmospheric female vocals. Talking to a voice, on the other end, Deliciously layered. Love and death ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ And I'm trying. Since the declaration, the day is celebrated every year to promote empowerment of young girls while also advocating for the attainment of their bodily autonomy and basic human right. Or am I guilty of wishful thinking, All the songs, the different dynamics, the different uses of his beautiful voice, the soul and above all this whole mysterious vibe throughout the album. Talk Us Through Your Favourite Songs And Lyrics On The Album.

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