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Onlookers and crowd show up.]. The angel Moroni is considered the warrior-prophet of the same name featured in the Book of Mormon. I’ve never even spoken to Nephi. First, they sent Laman, who simply asked Laban for the plates. Also disturbing is that Joseph was an editor of the Times and Seasons so why wouldn't he have noticed this or ever corrected it? Isaac begat Jacob, known as Israel; Jacob’s sons were twelve tribes, so the Bible tells. ], [They fall to the ground in amazement. In those days, people kept the commandments. Why would you let him talk like that? 7, p. 387, we find this statement attributed to Brigham Young: 'Tuesday, April 1, 1845. What’s that from? "It is interesting to note that Joseph Smith lived for two years after the name 'Nephi' was printed in the 'Times and Seasons' and never printed a retraction. [35][36], Finally, in the land of Bountiful, Nephi is commanded by God to build a ship and sail to the "Promised Land" or the Americas. He quoted Isaiah (1 Ne. Mormonism Unvailed, Eber D. Howe, p. 277. This dramatization is based on the events depicted in the Book of Mormon in Helaman 7-9. [9:16-17], Onlookers: You don’t get it! 1:1–4; 2:5). "An Angel from on High," vs. 2, Hymn 328. You say I’ve agreed with someone to murder the chief judge, just because I prophesied to you that he’d been killed. Seantum: What? He was after all Smith's first main character in his Book of Mormon. You should be surprised, surprised that you’ve let the devil completely take over your hearts! The Lord commanded Nephi to go and get the plates. At the end of some lines, I have included references in brackets to indicate where in the scriptures I have drawn from. I will go; I will do the thing the Lord commands. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The, Signs of the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ. While it is true that the manuscript has been tampered with, the evidence shows clearly that this was done after Joseph Smith's death. Their condition is mild and is being closely monitored by doctors: Nephi's trials in obtaining the plates of Laban are a case … It is usually "the angel" or "an angel of the Lord" or a "messenger" sent by commandment of the Lord. He was a son of Lehi, a prophet, founder of the Nephite people, and author of the first two books of the Book of Mormon, First and Second Nephi. As time passed and Moroni became a more natural, appropriate and logical candidate for the role, as he had supposedly been the one to bury the fictitious gold plates, the angel "became" Moroni. Walter L. Whipple, in his thesis written at BYU, stated that Orson Pratt "published The Pearl of Great Price in 1878, and removed the name of Nephi from the text entirely and inserted the name Moroni in its place" (Textual Changes in the Pearl of Great Price, typed copy, p.125). With help from God through a compass known as the Liahona and revelation, Lehi's family traveled to the Promised Land, now known as the Americas. I share it here in case it’s useful for your family. If you do not have a gmail account, send me an email at and I will send you the PDF as soon as I can. Recorded in chapter four of Second Nephi, it has been dubbed the Psalm of Nephi. According to the Book of Mormon, Nephi was revered by his people. Thank you! And you’re surprised? Activity: Wilderness Journey Object Find Tell children to imagine going with the Prophet Lehi and his family into the wilderness. 5. From dust to speak again”[1]. He told the truth, no matter what. President Nelson’s Favorite Topics and Statements, Part 4: The Plan of Salvation, Machine Translation, President Nelson’s Favorite Topics and Statements, Part 3: The Family, John Turner on Brigham Young, Interpreters, visions and seer stones, President Nelson Favorite Topics and Statements, Part 2: The Church, President Nelson’s Favorite Topics and Statements, Part 1: God and Power, Elder and Sister Gong Diagnosed with COVID-19. Lehi: Um, when was the last time you read the plates, Nephi? They both belong to Gadianton’s gang. Had the story actually been true, given the number of times Smith claims he was visited, Moroni's name, if indeed it was Moroni who visited Smith, should most certainly have been given from the start in most, if not all accounts, especially Smith's own records. The 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants also identifies the angel: "Behold this is wisdom in me: wherefore marvel not for the hour cometh that I will drink of the fruit of the vine with you on the earth, and with Moroni, whom I have sent unto you to reveal the Book of Mormon ..." (Doctrine and Covenants, 1835 edition, Section 50:2 (Section 27:5 in current edition)). This was his reply: [Chorus] “I will go; I will do the thing the Lord commands. Nephi (/ˈniːfaɪ/ NEE-fy) is one of the central figures described in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Commandments version of the 1830 revelation contained no angel's name. He was a prophet. This clearly shows that as an original copy of Smith's work, started after his death, the original name of Nephi was not changed by Smith but rather by someone else, well after his death. We used this today and really enjoyed it! Onlookers: Your hesitation certainly doesn’t make you look innocent, Seantum. [25] He then led Zoram back to where his brothers were hiding. In the Greek Septuagint nephesh is mostly translated as psyche (ψυχή). I'm also the Sacrament meeting chorister so I LOVE to work the hymns into Primary anytime I can. If you don’t repent, then this awesome city – and all the other awesome cities around here – they’re going to get taken away from you, and God won’t help you out of your mess this time. Nephi was the fourth of six sons of Lehi and Sariah. As you browse through posts, most of them will have links to printables. 17–18. His brothers Laman and Lemuel rebelled shortly thereafter, and the colony split into two. Get him! Nephi's followers named themselves "Nephites", while the others were dubbed "Lamanites". They all testified that the Son of God would come. The name was originally written as 'Nephi,' but someone has written the name ' Moroni' above the line... . [17] An angel appeared and stopped them, telling Laman and Lemuel that, because of his righteousness, the Lord had made Nephi "a teacher and a ruler over them. He is believed to have been born in 615 BC. Nephi was the fourth son in a family of at least eight children. Chapters 6–10 contain the words of Jacob, Nephi’s younger brother. So, for my family, I adapted the story into a short play and added a few discussion questions at the end. Page 79 specifies "Nephi" as the visiting angel. Crowd: Hey Seantum, did you make a deal with Nephi to kill your brother? Do you want me to tell you about your sins? Nephi is left alone, looking thoughtful. In Jerusalem, young Nephi was searching to strengthen his testimony of God. I tried. [9:16-17] Onlookers: You don’t get it! After he died in a great battle, Moroni was resurrected, becoming an angel. [10] Nephi and his brothers tried three times to get the brass plates from Laban. You killed your brother, didn’t you? It is Lucy Mack Smith's narrative of her son's life. In the Book of Mormon of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nephi is a prophet/historian. Prayed all day and night Had a spiritual feast. Nephi: What are you all doing here? Malin Jacobs stated that this can probably be traced to a simple mistake, and that the angel is in fact referred to as Moroni in other sources: "The Millenial Star and Lucy Mack Smith both stated that they based their information on the Times and Seasons. It recounts in some detail Joseph's various visits with the angel Moroni and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Most significantly, Nephi doesn’t speak as a perfect man. His brother killed him. Although I am not planning on using a flip chart to help teach this song, I thought I would still post mine in case someone might like to use it. It was inserted along with well over three hundred other words (attributed directly to the Lord himself), some years later, in the 1835 edition. He does this by saying, "In the name of the Almighty God, I command you that ye touch me not, for I am filled with the power of God, even unto the consuming of my flesh; and whoso shall lay his hands upon me shall wither even as a dried reed; and he shall be as naught before the power of God, for God shall smite him. Psyche is the equivalent New Testament Greek word from which the English word soul is only translated. [9:31-32]. [9:18], [Crowd leaves and brings back Nephi who is bound.] Nephi was courageous. He consented and his people became known as the Nephites. [21] Nephi was then commanded by the Lord to kill Laban, an idea he struggled with because he had never before "shed the blood of man. Nephi is also used as a personal name amongst contemporary Latter-day Saints.[46]. Nephi (/ ˈ n iː f aɪ / NEE-fy) is one of the central figures described in the Book of Mormon. The name is repeated a second time in the Millennial Star in an editorial comment, identifying that the saints in England certainly believed the name of the angel was Nephi: Smith did not die until 1844; some two years later and he never published any retractions or made any alterations to his own writings.

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