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The only thing Nike in all of this will be the swoosh on the jersey. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. The new Firefox logo link in the ticker is the same link as the Handmaid’s Tale link. That’s what Jason Sarmiento wanted for his card, and it turned out great! Nike will succeed Majestic Athletic as Major League Baseball’s uniform supplier beginning with the 2020 season. … Check out this spectacular late-’60s AFL promotional piece that Bill Hetrick has. Big uni-versary news: What you see above is a map, prepared by Uni Watch satellite party coordinator JohnMark Fisher, showing all of the late-June uni-versary parties that have been planned so far. … This is pretty good: a U21 team roster listing presented as a South Park-style video (from Greg Franklin). While the Yankees don’t have the side panels on the home whites, the road greys do have them. … Washington DB Josh Norman and Real Madrid soccer player Alvaro Arbeloa swapped jerseys the other day. If you are shopping for a new MLB jersey, and are wondering about the differences between the Nike vs Majestic jerseys, you are probably most concerned with fit and design. Some uni notable news for those that need a Lower Mainland BC box lacrosse fix. Which would dovetail well with the Mariners — nautical theme, blue and green colors, etc. … Following up on an item from earlier this week, here are some idiot New York Mets fans trashing Tom Brady jerseys with beans (because Boston, get it?) I’m a Mets fan, so I’m already resigned to having a swoosh on their jerseys, but it’s still hard to believe the Yankees will play along–although to be fair, they DO have the New Era logo on their caps, so they went along with that. … Pretty cool new White Sox-themed cap for the Birmingham Barons. Glad to see they will presumably continue to use raglan sleeves. … Back in 1995, players who participated in the Sugar Bowl received a — wait for it — commemorative jockstrap (blame Jordan Daniels). Majestic currently makes MLB's uniforms. Meanwhile, I hope by now most of you are aware of our awesome “Turn Ahead the Clock Shirt,” which celebrates the dual 20th anniversaries of Uni Watch and MLB’s infamous 1999 TATC program. For months now people have been wondering what MLB jerseys will look like with the Nike maker’s mark on the chest (instead of on the sleeve, where the Majestic logo has been positioned). Keep the numbers in circulation, but maybe recognize the former player with a patch or some other device if the school feels they need to recognize him. You can buy from them with confidence knowing you aren’t getting scammed. Some golfers prefer hi-top golf shoes because they provide added support for the ankle that you don't always get with classic golf... 10 Best Slip On Golf Shoes for Comfort & Convenience. Quickly, here’s what you need to know about MLB jerseys: Although much of the styling and features are similar between the Nike and Majestic MLB jerseys, there are some differences in both design and fit. The seams, which are clearly shown on both the front and the back, clearly indicate a raglan design.). I was disappointed when Under Armour was announced as the new supplier but thought “ok, at least it’s not Nike.” If Nike’s MLB unis are anything like what they’ve done in the NBA, NCAA and NFL we’re going to have a lot to complain about the next several years. Where to vote. Ah, interesting. Prior to Nike, Majestic had been the official uniform provider. Still, there are some items worth noting. Let’s take a closer look at some of these differences using photos of the jerseys I own. Below is a look at my old size 44 authentic Majestic Trout jersey sitting on top of my new size 44 authentic Nike Yelich jersey: As you can see, the new Nike MLB jerseys are sized just a little bit bigger than the old Majestic jerseys. Some people have also been wondering if the Yankees would really wear the Nike logo or if they’d somehow escape that requirement, just as they’ve managed to avoid wearing the Majestic mark. For months now people have been wondering what MLB jerseys will look like with the Nike maker’s mark on the chest (instead of on the sleeve, where the Majestic logo has been positioned). It’s like they tried to shove everything America into that little circle. It has been a number of seasons since that was removed. My recommendation is to order the same sizing your ordered for the old Majestic jerseys. Here’s how the team reacted to it after their 8-7 loss to the Rays. This “Air Belt” was incorporated in 2016 when MLB made changes to the jerseys based on, in part, input from the players. ‘Outnumbered’ co-host Melissa Francis is off the air and her status at Fox News is in doubt. Instead, the unfathomable has happened. It is commonplace for EVERYTHING to have an advertiser’s name on it. “To enter a professional football stadium, ballpark, or arena is to be confronted with a pageant of militarized patriotism that is omnipresent and unyielding.” (From the link to The Baffler article). Sign up for our daily sports newsletter ». Hopefully people post videos of removing the Nike logo from jerseys just like they do for removing the New Era logo from caps… There’s still hope for a clean jersey for all with a little effort! Currently, If one were to buy an authentic on-field Yankees Jersey, it would have the Majestic maker’s mark on the sleeve. Here is a look at that paneling on the Nike Authentic MLB jerseys: In conclusion, expect the new Nike MLB jerseys to run just a touch bigger than the old Majestic jerseys. is the official online shop of Major League Baseball. I like what Clemson and others have done. Many of the same features that were part of the Majestic jerseys are part of the new Nike jerseys. … Good essay on the endless militarization of sports. Pretty flimsy evidence that Tiger Woods was using an Ohio State headcover. Here is a look at my old Majestic Trout jersey sitting on top of my new Nike Yelich jersey. Not 100% sure, but I think 1967 was the only season with the orange/white/orange helmet stripe. Do Nike jerseys run big or small? Your guide to the 2020 election in California. You may be right. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. It’s hard to know exactly what that is supposed to mean, so let’s just take a look at how the new authentic Nike MLB jerseys compare directly to the old Majestic MLB jerseys. contact party coordinator JohnMark Fisher, split black/purple uniform with checkerboard trim, wearing a Giants uni as a very young child, is once again wearing a Speed-Flex helmet, ended up with their current look (paywalled), Click here to buy your authentic Nike MLB jersey at (affiliate link takes you to Click here to buy your replica Nike MLB jersey at (affiliate link takes you to Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen reverts to a question mark with Game 4 loss. (If I did use it, I’d save it for things like $24 parking fees and PSLs — things that feel like outright profiteering. I believe the Majestic jerseys called this an “Air Belt”. Endorsements. The description for the Nike jerseys at calls the fit for the Nike authentic MLB jerseys an “athletic fit”, but the tag attached to my jersey when I bought it said “standard fit”. The lucky winner will be able to choose any item from the Vintage Brand website (like the groovy Giants cutting board shown above). Just like the Majestic jerseys of old, these two types of jerseys offer two different price tiers from which to choose from. Our site is created by life long passionate sports fans who follow sports closely and can provide first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the issues that surround sports. The NFL did not “force” Nike to do anything. Flex Base created a new monster with a NOB and the white ass-patch. Without further ado (click to enlarge): I did plenty of due diligence on these, on various fronts. Click here to buy your replica Nike MLB jersey at (affiliate link takes you to Put me down as one of those Yankees fans who was holding out hope for a swoosh-less jersey. A soft liner by the Rays’ Brett Phillips, who hadn’t had a hit since Sept. 24, set off a chain of events that beat the Dodgers in World Series Game 4. The Nike jerseys are made with 100% polyester, which has a nice lightweight fit against the shoulders. Hah! The swoosh logo likely will move to a more prominent position on jersey fronts. Lewis Hamilton has made Formula One history by winning the Portuguese Grand Prix for a 92nd career victory. It’s not a sustainable practice. Slip on shoes have come a long way in recent years, and offer convenience without giving away too much performance. The new jersey with the old number has a sleeve detail with the POY that wore that number. Thanks, Nic! If George was still alive i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have passed up the revenue and gone with the change but who knows? I think we can legitimately say that Uni Watch parties will be taking place around the world, as we have gatherings planned for the northern, southern, eastern, and western hemispheres — not bad! The new rule will separate them even further. In general, MLB jerseys run slightly bigger than normal clothing. Whether or not this is a good thing, I’ll let you be the judge. The jersey itself has a breathable feeling when you wear it, and is made with moisture-wicking fabric. I have seen them in an number of illustrated color action shots, usually featuring original but short-lived Bengal starting QB John Stofa, who did not last long after coming over from the Dolphins. Let’s take a closer look at the new Nike MLB jerseys (including photos of the jersey I own), and also discuss how they differ from the Majestic jerseys. … An Oakland man wearing a police-style uniform was arrested for impersonating an officer. Good points on the retired numbers piece. “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen said on “Good Morning America” that he was concerned for actress Maria Bakalova during her scene with Rudy Giuliani.

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