where does ted nugent live now

Is Ted Nugent guilty of actual statutory rape? Zelda do you consider the animals that are raise for meat to “ambushed by yellowbelly coward teddie hides (whatever that means)” hunting from a blind is a strategy that’s all and most hunters only use on shot. You are more full of ? Close. Look at the past 8 years Obama tried to push Christian value out and the country is falling apart the worst it has ever been. It’s one thing to dislike our President, and another to refer to him as a “subhuman mongrel.”. Please say it aint so! Ow my balls! Label and judge anyone who doesn’t agree with you. What a well thought out rebuttal dom. Why was anybody even looking for him in the first place? Red-blooded americans won’t follow your nonsense. Ted Nugent then married a second time … You did what you love and still do. I’m happy to have to inform you, most of the pedophiles are democrats. You make it sound like it is a war between humans and animals! You don’t have to like nugent. The story on this is partly just BS and Nugent isn’t dead YET but there’s still a lot of truth being said too. We are a Democracy (or what’s left of one), not a Theocracy…Google them. RWNJ America has a problem with ya. And people say cons are dumb! Nugent, Kid Pebble, and Kanye Kardashian all in the same week. I’m serious. He does what he loves (being a ridiculously vitriolic frackjob), we do what we love (making fun of him for it). Millions of Americans are in mourning after news broke this afternoon that rocker/activist Ted Nugent was still alive. tomy kay : No need to brown nose him, he doesn’t know you exist anyway, and if he did, he’d probably want to shoot you, so stop defending the old bastard. He can’t write…can’t play worth a shit, and looks like a feral nutria on meth! Bill said “ambush”, meaning yellowbelly coward teddie hides in his blind while his lackies drive his creature of choice into view and so he can proceed to blast the shit out of it. His dad was a drill Sargent in the army and would have kicked his ass and disowned him. President Obama, the target of many of Nugent’s negative comments, reportedly expressed astonishment when informed during a cabinet meeting that Nugent had lived another day. he should get into the clown car that is the field of candidates for the presidency. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/the-few-republicans-join-military-2-to-1-over-democrats/article/2578367#! Try em sometime, you’ll hate em! They are the ones like Bill Clinton. Thank goodness for real men like you…. Hi Bill – I don’t fault you for signing up or Nugent for dodging the draft, if he did, in a war that many Americans felt was immoral. Ted is not As a Vietnam War draft dodger, Ted Nugent is a tremendous hypocrite because today in his book Ted, White, and Blue, he advocates for a mandatory two-year military draft for everybody upon high school graduation! Ted Nugent – Patron Saint of Pants Shitters! If he could only keep his opinions on politics dissociated with his music – not easy these days. But now that he’s older he’s gung-ho for war. Fuck you all (most) hardly! They’re hilarious! Exactly right, Greg. Was pardoned but we all remember his cowardly act. This news just broke my heart. Hats off to Coco. As a Vietnam veteran I would like to thank this useless prick for staying out of my Army. A GIANT ASSHOLE! But you make a good point about chickenhawks, which would include Trump: someone refusing to serve but glorifying war, excusing war crimes, and pushing for the “freedom” for Americans to buy assault rifles and massacre their fellow citizens. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), one of several organizations Nugent violently criticized in the past, also issued a statement expressing condolences. Yeah… but he did do Stranglehold. what kind of people would wish harm on another? Just some quick facts 44% of military are republican. By that, I mean he still shits his pants whenever he doesn’t want to man up. It’s just as cowardly as shitting his pants, living in his feces and scum vomit from all the booze, meth and coke he was doing in order to avoid the draft and become the Great Chickenhawk of Michigan. Greg is dead on. Animals are here for a reason. I served, saw no combat, but those of us who did serve make it possible for douche-bag sissies to stay safely home and spew rhetoric. I realize this website is satirical , but Nugent really is a hypocrite and a scumbag who should have been locked up 25 years ago, I hope some one shoots him with his own gun. He has zero credibility, everything that comes out of his mouth is bullshit, and his music sucked as well. Take the rest of the day off! My parents and many other relatives served in the military, but if they had felt a war was wrong, I would understand their refusing to serve. Ted Nugent's House (Google Maps). He is heard and followed by too many right wing nut jobs. And I never pooped my pants.” He also claimed in the interview that a student deferment got him out of the draft. You worship the absolute wrong type of person. But, what started out as cute silly nonsense between songs had turned into a harmful, disgusting, racist, unfunny, misogynistic, self~adoring, quasi-narcissistic brand of masturbation on stage. Live on uncle ted let’s have ourselves a backstrap bbq. PS. I’ve met Ted on several ocassions and have personally witnessed the good he has done to keep kids off drugs and straighten this backward ass country up. Part of the reason they are here is to provide US with food! “Sick depraved weirdo”, I agree but what else can you expect from a Democrat. And Nugent can deny this all he likes; he was spewing that story for years, not just once but several times. In one episode of Spirit of the Wild, Nugent hits a young deer with a bow. We were a group with courage and commitment, not of cowards who would rather fuck 13 year old girls than defend their country. I’m a hunter and gun owner, don’t get me wrong, but he is exactly the type who gives the rest of us a bad name. This article is as funny as getting kicked in the nuts. You have your parties confused. Let us take a moment to reflect on the fact that: we ALL live, but most of us have never really died! Learn to read pandering cocksucker of “the nuge”. Phhewwww, what a cloud of ass stink! REALLY?!?! I’m horrified to hear this. I thought a deer would get revenge on him. He can’t write…can’t play worth a shit, and looks like a feral nutria on meth! ‘To sweeten the pot, he also defecated in his pants. Still, we are alive to keep condemning shitholes like Nugent, so at least there’s some small justice in this world. On 13-12-1948 Ted Nugent was born in Redford, Michigan. “I was so proud,” Nugent recalled. Asking out of pure naive unawareness…what is this “underage girls” thing? Just another hypocritical chicken hawk, who only takes up arms against defenseless animals. This is a real blow to the music world!!! The National Rifle Association issued the following statement: Ted Nugent has proudly and patriotically served on the NRA’s board of directors since 1995. Enter your email address to subscribe to National Report and receive notifications of new posts by email. I bet in one way or another you are responsible for the killing of “defenseless” animals pretty much on a daily basis. My brother served in the army and went to Afghanistan and he is an embarrassment to the armed forces and the U.S.A.! Bottom line regarding Nugent is he’s always been a coward and even laughs with pleasure of causing suffering to animals and that makes him a psychopath. Like. Such a shame to see so many comments about Nugent not wanting to go to war. 37 % are democratic. Avoiding the draft, then using that as a springboard to notoriety. Highlights from Nugent’s life include a 1977 interview appearing in High Times magazine, in which he famously told a reporter how he avoided the [Viet Nam War] draft: he did not bathe, brush his teeth, or shave for 30 days leading up to his pre-induction physical. Living the dream…Hats off to Ted. Nuthin worse than a Liberal…Look at what they’re doing right now… Ted Nugent rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the Amboy Dukes and his solo career later on. Very sad. And currently republicans are 2 to 1 in joining. He knew how to take a three-piece power trio and deliver the rock and roll glory punch!. You sound like one of those PETA types that say one thing then do the other. My friends and I would love to see him when he played smaller venues like the House Of Blues and just watch him rock the freaking house! Wow. Is there something about Ted I should know?

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