why do some fighters get cauliflower ear

Eli Saslow is a senior writer at ESPN the Magazine and a Pulitzer-prize-winning staff writer at The Washington Post. That's the secret of cauliflower ear, Couture says: You want it until you finally have it, when you want nothing more than for it to go away. Who's next for Justin Gaethje? He practices to the soundtrack of a low-level ear ringing -- a steady hum that never goes away. AS the ear injury heals, the ear could shrivel upwards and fold itself in a cauliflower-like shape. Cauliflower ears are what you get when your ears get constantly crushed, rubbed or hit. Required fields are marked *. The MMAfortheWorkingMan Editor takes pride in being the world's only career diplomat with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education. Uhmmm.. Do they really? Some days, he came to work after sparring and had bruises and cuts. Gene LeBell, a legendary wrestler and Hollywood stuntman, gave Couture a golden pin of a deformed ear -- a pin that LeBell has given to a dozen professional wrestlers and fighters whom he considers worthy: "You work hard to earn that ugly ear, so show it off," LeBell said. Wrestling fans can even buy pairs of plastic cauliflower ears to wear. Couture has cauliflower ear, a relatively common affliction among fighters, wrestlers and other contact-sport athletes. "He's a little funny about it," Sanderson says. Recently, his daughters adopted a cat. If you're getting drained at nationals, that's a sign you are legit. If they fail to do this, the ear will develop a complication and this will keep them from their training. He heads to the gym with gauze and painkillers because his hardened ears no longer bend on contact and instead tend to tear. When blood flow is blocked, the affected cartilage may die and, without the supportive tissue, fold in on itself. He's never had them drained and has little visible cauliflower. Collar tie-ups and headlocks are the sort of thing that can cause cauliflower ear. At first, I thought they were some kind of ear defects, but I quickly realized that they were something that there was something about those ears that was related to grappling. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I later learned what they were… cauliflower ears. The treatment will also cost more compared to the amount they would have spent if they had taken care of the complication in its initial stage. There is a Cauliflower Alley Club for elite wrestlers and online videos that suggest ways amateurs can accelerate their own cauliflower symptoms. "It might look tough and great for some guys," he says. "Nobody really cares about the other stuff. These ears attract a crowd.". "People want to feel them, squeeze them and take pictures. Couture has cauliflower ear, a relatively common affliction among fighters, wrestlers and other contact-sport athletes. So, why do UFC fighters … Good luck with the swollen ear, Damon. Maybe they watched him win one of his five UFC titles or saw him wrestle as a college All-American. Although as his skills progressed, he transitioned to putting a higher focus on his striking, utilizing head movement and hand speed to get the best of his … At one of those tables, senior All-American Kacee Hutchinson underwent the quick procedure three times during the weeklong tournament before finishing fourth. He imagines for a minute what they might already know about his life and what they might want to ask. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some article even list Boxing and Rugby as sports that can give you cauliflower ears (Cauliflower ears from boxing and rugby. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. "But from my experience, all it really gets you is a lifetime of stares.". And even though he stopped when his MMA career began, he continued to protect and rest his ears. Any wrestler who listens to me is going onto the mat with protection -- in practice, at home, wherever. UFC 254: Is Israel Adesanya next for Robert Whittaker? Their opponents will take advantage of the lack of headgear to constantly hit their ears. At Couture's gym in Las Vegas, so many young fighters are acquiring cauliflower ear that Couture has become an expert at treating it. Though it will feel like a burden to start with, it will protect the ears from getting a permanent damage. The doctor explained that he had a condition called cauliflower ear, and he would live with it every day for the rest of his life. ", Sanderson's wrestlers rarely choose to practice in headgear, and he doesn't force them. Guys like Brock Lesnar and Khabib had cauliflower ears and they look, pretty gross, why not get em drained? After rolling on the training mat for some time without headgear, the fighters will develop cauliflower ears. 2. why do MMA fighters have such weird ears? The only way an MMA fighter can improve the appearance of his ear is to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Cauliflower ear can even be the result of an infection in the ear lobe. (No formal stats exist, but Couture estimates that 20 percent of elite wrestlers have it.) The doctor drained them. Doctors who diagnose cauliflower ear advise stitches and weeks of rest. But if you go without headgear, you might have strange-looking ears for the rest of your life. Which is why when Ryan began wrestling as a kid, he chose to wear headgear. But headgear is largely optional in practices and at summer camps, and coaches say few wrestlers wear it when they have a choice. UFC options for vacant lightweight title include Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier, UFC 254: A dominant performance, a tearful goodbye and a legacy of greatness for Khabib, Khabib defeats Gaethje, announces retirement, Whittaker gets UFC 254 win, eyes Adesanya shot, Sources: Edwards vs. Chimaev set for December, McGregor says he will fight Poirier on Jan. 23, Cejudo: Show me the money and I'll come back, Moraes to battle Font on Dec. card, source says, UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov retiring at the top of his sport elicits memories of Michael Jordan. Landry Major/Getty Images. They seem to have really strange crumpled, lumpy or otherwise misshapen ears. Can male pornstars get cauliflower dick the way fighters get cauliflower ear? If you’re new to wrestling, you’re going to have the first couple of weeks or months with your ears feeling as if they were raw and swollen all the time. When an MMA fighter wears a headgear that does not fit properly, it will move around when training and this will prompt him to remove the headgear. ", The reality is, cauliflower ear probably isn't going anywhere. What was once an unsightly injury has now become a living trophy that commands respect. Freestyle wrestling isn’t a big sport where I grew up. He went to a doctor, who stabbed his upper ear with a supersize syringe and drained it of blood and pus. My wife already informed me that cauliflower ears are unattractive to her and does not want me to have them. In July, at the prep national championships in Fargo, N.D., dozens of teenage wrestlers waited in line near 10 training tables in the underbelly of a stadium to have their ears drained between matches. But when I was in college, I took up freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, along with MMA. Fighters in training have time for neither. Oh… very, very quickly I discovered where cauliflower ears come from, and why they develop so much more prevalently in Wrestling compared to other grappling sports. As they die, tougher fibrous tissues form in your years as the ear tries to heal itself. About the only amateur wrestlers who wear headgear at all times are the ones forced to by a coach or parent. I agree absolutely with you about cauliflower ears being a badge of honor, but I guess it’s all about compromise. Now I wear headgear every day. He knows personally the pain of cauliflower ear and now treats it for his patients in Spartanburg, S.C. "I know enough to tell [my sons] that getting cauliflower ear is something you can avoid, and they better try to avoid it," he says. ︎ 3 answers ︎ report. The NCAA and most high school associations mandate that wrestlers wear headgear during competition, and most youth wrestling leagues do the same. Aside from some initial discomfort, there's no reason to get the ear drained, especially if you're in the middle of training camp. Why don’t MMA Fighters and/or Boxers get their cauliflower ears drained? Cauliflower ears works. Randy Couture's left ear is permanently mangled after decades of punishment. However, it is wrestlers that get a lion’s share of cauliflower ears. Maybe they remember him as the star of two TV shows and multiple movies. The lesson here is – if you see someone with cauliflower ears… beware. As a teenager, like many young men around the world in the 90’s, I would go crazy watching videos of the early UFC events. My ears do look a bit normal from the outside, but they are much lumpier and harder than how they started out. The Editor Take one of those days, then: Couture, 50, wakes up in his Nevada home after sleeping on his right side because his left ear is much more swollen, and sleeping on that side feels like sleeping on a rock. He rubs his ears again with Neosporin when he's done with practice and goes back to sleep for a nap on his right side. "I know guys who punch themselves in the ear to get a bubbled ear. His ears filled again. AS the ear injury heals, the ear could shrivel upwards and fold itself in a cauliflower … So is Ryan Couture, Randy Couture's son, who is also a pro MMA fighter. October 30, 2019 Mike Swick, another UFC fighter, made a video of himself draining his cauliflower ear and posted it on YouTube, where it has been watched more than 350,000 times. What's crazy is that developing cauliflower ear is essentially a choice, doctors say. What were they? After 10 or 15 of these procedures within a few years, some of the pus and cartilage in his ears began to harden, turning to sediment, until there was nothing left to drain. Over several years of repetitive … I would expect that defending from wrestling headlocks or head control would make my left ear lumpier and harder than my left, as your opponents stronger right arm usually has direct contact with the side of your head. It's my ears that are famous," he says. First his left ear started filling with blood during practices and matches, then his right did the same. For the past two weeks my right ear has been feeling swollen and a bit “raw” on the cartilage on the top of my outer ear canal.

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