Progressive Online Blackjack

Progressive Online Blackjack

There are many advantages to playing blackjack online opposed to in a land-based casino and one of the most unique of them all is the luxury to play for progressive jackpots. This is a significant benefit when considering that even the most skilled player may secure steady winnings over time, but rarely claim considerable single payouts when playing traditional games.

Over the past few months, some of the most well known online casino software providers have added progressive games to their portfolios and here are few that may pique your interests.


There are many reasons to play progressive blackjack at a casino powered by Progressive Blackjack. For one, many players find that the pool is easier to win since it can be hit when you have four aces of the same color, meaning they do not have to be of the same suit. Although there is no second jackpot to compete for, there are fixed payouts you can win through a number of combinations of both suited and unsuited aces. If you want to contribute to the progressive jackpot, you can do so with a voluntary $1 wager.


Microgaming goes above and beyond to standout from the competition and this is reflected in its progressive blackjack game. With this game, winning is not based on a combination aces but sevens, which makes the name Triple Sevens a fitting title. If you assemble 21 from three seven of diamonds, then you hit the progressive jackpot. Similar to the other games, this one also has fixed payouts for many different combinations of Online Gambling. Microgaming’s Triple Seven blackjack game produces winners more frequently but the average payouts are lower than the games by other vendors.


Leading casino software provider also offers a progressive blackjack game that gives you the opportunity to win big. In this game, four aces of the same suit gets you the entire pool. Unlike the offerings from other vendors, there is no combination that qualifies you for a smaller amount of the pot. There are however, fixed payouts for specific combinations such as three aces of the same suit and four aces from different suits. A major plus of progressive blackjack with Playtech casinos is that even a single ace offers a $5 payout. Checkout dragon island slot for details.

Vegas Technology

In Progressive Blackjack by Vegas Technology, the jackpot is claimed when you are dealt out four aces of the same suit. This powerful combination gets you 100% of the money in the jackpot pool. However, if you are dealt four aces of different suits, then you receive 10% of the overall pot. Vegas Technology’s progressive blackjack also has some fixed payouts that make the game more intriguing. Keep in mind that you must place an additional bet of $1 in order to qualify for the pool in any of these progressive blackjack games and Support for Casino Gaming.


Progressive blackjack carries the same level of high risk as any other progressive casino game. What we mean by this is that your chance of hitting the jackpot are very low, especially if you are someone who prefers to play it safe all the time. On the other hand, gambling in itself is all about luck so on any given day, you could hit big and make online casino history.

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