Stud Poker Online

Stud Poker Online

Stud has five rounds of betting instead of the four typically found in Holdem and Omaha. Also, you may find two betting variations depending on the predetermined limits you want to play. With the higher limit games, the first two rounds of betting are set at one amount and the limit doubles on the last three rounds.

For example, in a $5/10 game the minimum bet for the first 2 rounds will be $5.00.  The minimum bet for the last three hands are doubled to $10.00. In lower limit games, the betting levels are generally  a spread amount. One of the most popular spreads for a low limit games is  $1-5. A player is allowed to bet any amount within that spread. A player can bet any amount with $1 being the minimum bet and $5 being the maximum bet. If a player wants to raise he must double the amount of the bet.

Stud is an ante game. This means that every player must put a predetermined amount of money in the pot before the game starts. The amount of the ante varies depending on the limit of the game, also it may differ from room to room. The initial ante is generally 1/10th 1/4th of a full bet. In a $1-5 game the ante would be around 50 cents. In a $5/10 game it could be $1.00. Some card rooms offer low limit spread games with no antes.

After everyone antes, the dealer pulls the money into the pot. In most card rooms, a dealer is supplied and does not play so dealer buttons are used to denote the player who is the last to play. The dealer deals each player is two cards face down and one card face up beginning with the 7-Card Stud Poker to the immediate left of the dealer button. The two down cards are called your hole cards and the up card is referred to as your door card.

Three Card Poker

The first round of betting is known as Third Street because you have three cards to start the hand.  Once the cards have been dealt, the first round of betting begins. In the first round, the player with the lowest door card showing is has to make a forced bet called the Bring in bet. The bring in bet is slightly more than the ante but not as much as the minimum bet. In a $1-5 game the bring in bet is usually around 75 cents. In a $5/10 game it may be as much as $2.  With low limit spread Poker Game Rules that have no antes, the bring in bet is typically around one dollar. Once the bring in bet is posted, the next player to the left of the player posting the bring in bet has the option of calling, folding, or raising. During this first round if a player wishes to raise the amount of the raise is not double but equal to the amount of the minimum bet for that game. In a $1-5 it must be at least one dollar but no more that $5. In a $5/10 game the raise would be $5.

Once all the bets are made during the bring in round, all the players are dealt another card face up and the second round of betting starts. The betting starts with the player showing the highest card at the beginning each of the remaining betting rounds. The player with the highest does not have to bet. He can check and the player to his left will have the option of betting or checking. If there is a bet each player must call, fold or raise. A raise would be double the bet in a spread game or the higher amount in a fixed betting game. See Pros and Cons of Gambling here.

Cajun Stud Online Free

In a $5/10 game the bet for Second Street is $5. However if a player is showing and open pair then the player has the option of making the largest bet can be made which in this game would be $10 in this game. If $10 is bet all the raises would have to be made in increments on $10.

Each active player is then dealt a third face up card. In a limit game the betting is now higher bet, So in a $5/10 game all the bets are now in multiples of $10. The player with the highest hand showing acts first and can bet of check. The betting proceeds clockwise.

A fourth card is dealt face up to all active players and there is another betting round with player showing the highest hand acting first.

The seventh card is dealt face down. Each active player now has four up cards and three hole cards face down. There is a final betting round and all players show their hands after it is complete. The highest five card hand wins the pot. If one player makes a bet and all the others fold, that player wins by default and is not required to show his hand.

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