When playing poker, what should you do if you have a dead hand?

When playing poker, what should you do if you have a dead hand?

Poker appears to be a relatively simple game if you’re handed As, Ks, Qs, or other great cards. On the other hand, the poker gods will gift you cards that even the finest players cannot fool or play decisively with.

The majority of players believe their loss is due to a lifeless hand. This isn’t nice, but you can still use it to your advantage. Instead of whining, moaning, and becoming stressed because you cannot join in a game to win money to play, try something new.

Why don’t you look at other options to help you overcome this difficult time? When you’re playing poker and faced with a dead hand, here’s what you should do.

Keep a close eye on your game at all times.

If you don’t want to play many cards, try to concentrate on what’s going on at the table. Spend all of your time observing your opponents and their play patterns, or in other words, everything that will help you in the future. online fish table of the golden dragon

Keep an eye on the opponent who is closest to your location.

If you gaze at the table, concentrate on the two players on the left and the two on the right closest to you. Why? Because the player on your left will blind you when you are at the button, and the player on your right will be able to dominate you if the blind occurs before your turn. Learn more about the Covid-19 Quarantine Period and how to avoid losing money when playing online casinos.

Please use the image “concrete as a foundation.”

Remember that your opponents are unaware you have a useless hand when you sit for a long time and still can’t get any positive news. You can bet that most of your opponents regard you as a rock-solid player, so consider how you may capitalize on this perception.

Finally, after an hour and a half, there is only one thing left to do: call cards. Examine the situation from a variety of angles. Which card do you rate your competitor’s card on if he keeps folding cards and suddenly raising bets? Coldly performing 3-bet and 4-bet can apply immediately and are interpreted as a demonstration of your incredible strength. And it’s true! Very powerful!

Of course, this approach should not be misused, as doing so repeatedly with raise and re-raise can expose the player to “solid as concrete.”

Look for opportunities to bluff in favorable situations.

Bluff is another ability that might help you get through difficult situations. There’s no need to be cautious or pick the proper occasion to bluff, but your solid player image will come in handy here.

Have you ever seen a professional player quit right now? Never! Instead, they establish a situation where they can display their hands and play against a specific opponent rather than against cards. Although such a game is difficult for the faint of heart, bluffing is an important component of poker and must always be in your toolbox if you want to progress.

Waiting for the best opportunity

If none of this appeals to you, try reading a book, visiting a few of your favorite websites on the internet, or listening to music. After that, you can play games that give you a better chance of winning. Of course, you’ll miss out on the chance to win chips, but you won’t have to worry about it; instead, you’ll have to wait for the bad times to pass.


You’ll need to keep these things in mind if you come across a dead hand. If you come across this type of message, don’t panic; if you stay calm and follow the guidelines above, you’ll be able to go through that difficult time easily. Best of luck!

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